Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sleeping in Peace

The Elsie girl sleeps soundly in Don's lap. It's her favorite place to snooze, and she rests comfortably there.

Always. Without exception.

Such peace. Such contentment. Such rest.

Head nestled close; feeling the warmth of her #1 human; hearing his heartbeat--she must feel secure, like a pup nuzzled close to her mother.

I suppose that's why she sleeps so well: All is well because Daddy is near; he'll protect her.

I wish Don could do the same for our girl-child.

When Sarah (the human girl-child) came home earlier this week, she'd just completed necessary tests for the new job she's taking as an EMT in Wilmington, Delaware. She's a college student, too, and works on campus as an EMT, but working for the City of Wilmington is something quite different (more like a war zone, we're told).

In the two days prior to her testing, Wilmington EMTs had to deal with a scalping (yes, skin and hair removed from the top of the skull) and a fatal shooting (two gun shot wounds). The ambulance is marred with bullet holes.

Oh, and Sarah announced on Monday that she was purchasing a bullet-proof vest to wear over her chest plate! Apparently the city requires both as part of the EMT uniform.


That's my little girl we're talking about (well, not so little anymore)!

Sometimes I miss the days when Sarah was small enough to nestle against her Daddy's shoulder and fall asleep--something she loved to do and did readily. The world seemed far less dangerous then.

Frankly, sometimes I wish I could nestle against a human shoulder secure in the knowledge that all is safe and well. But I'm a grown-up. We know better.

So I suppose I'll try to nestle into the arms of my Heavenly Father; the only One who can truly protect Sarah from harm, if He chooses to do so. Then maybe I'll sleep better when I know the sweet girl-child is riding ambulance on the city streets in Wilmington.


'Til next time,
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From Mary's Pen said...

I feel you, Joan. Riding the bumpy road of adolescence with my own daughter just now... I almost feel as if I need a chest plate. :-p

Much love