Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuc, the Snow Plow

In honor of Blizzard #2, which is supposed to arrive in about an hour dumping another 12-18 inches of snow on the nearly 2 feet we received four days ago (VERY unusual for PA), I thought I'd post these pictures of our Arizona-born boy... Master Tuc.

The Tucmeister. Stoney Ridge's Sundancer Tucson. Imp extroidinaire. And now he's become Blizzard Boy II (Baxter was Blizzard Boy I). My Tuc Buddy.

What a goof.

These pictures were taken three days ago when he discovered he could still climb atop the picnic table even after it's covered with snow.

His first action, of course, was to investigate what's under the snow. :) Notice his snow-plow posture:

Then he wondered if he missed anything behind him:

Then he noticed me taking pictures through the window (that's a face ANY mother could love!):

And then it was just back to exploring and romping and having great fun.

We love our Tuc buddy. LOL... he keeps me giggling and smiling and wondering what's up next.

Me thinketh that perhapseth he's become-eth a PA-boy-eth now-eth. There's not much snow in his place of birth origin; with how he hates heat and loves snow, it seems there's little left of AZ in him these days (except his solid genes!)

Ah... what a guy! Momma Teece: we're forever in your debt; Tuc's a great boy!

'Til next time,

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Blizzard February 2010

Oh boy! More snow! Real snow! And good times were had by all.

Tuc and Pinot:

Pinot (with Kong in mouth):

Elsie, Tuc, and Pinot searching for the Kong, which doesn't bounce but rather sinks in snow (hehe):

Tuc and Elsie ("Squirrel!" -- those who've seen Up will get this):

Elsie, Pinot, and Tuc:

Pinot (yes, that's her under all that snow on the left), Elsie, and Tuc:

"Nom, nom, nom... mmmmm... yum" (Pinot):

Tuc ("There's gotta be a horse in here somewhere!"):

Kenya, Elsie, Tuc, and Pinot:

Kenya and Elsie:

Kenya (who MIGHT be pregnant, btw):

The Old Elsie Girl, who is still quite spry:

Elsie, Pinot, and Tuc, who doesn't mind a face full of snow either:

Ah, but then weary bones like warmth to recover:

Kenya likes warmth, too, as long as Elsie is closer to the fire!

Elsie and Pinot are the fire groupies of our bunch (both get close enough to the wood stove to scare me!):

And then there's the Old Man! Mr. Ridge prefers a nice comfy spot on the new doggie blankets and rug. :-)

Ahhhh....there's just nothing like a good day of zest and rest!

Happy snow all!

'Til next time,