Friday, March 02, 2007

10 More Life Lessons from Labs

1. Love exuberantly; don't be afraid to show affection.

2. Feel free to sit back and relax sometimes.

3. Wait patiently for good things.

4. Take the road less traveled; it's more interesting and rewarding.

5. Remember this: to enjoy life, you sometimes have to get your feet dirty.

6. Don't be afraid to receive what's offered to you; your gracious acceptance becomes a gift to the giver.

7. It's okay to hide now and then... long as you remember to take your friends with you.

8. A nap is a good thing; don't feel guilty.

9. We all need affection.

10. Sometime we lead; other times we follow. The important thing is to stay in the race.


"Sunshine" said...
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"Sunshine" said...

I just discovered your blog from your link on Top 50 "Just Labradors". I love this post. All good advice and so well shared by your "fur children". Thanks for sharing your/thier wisdom.