Monday, March 12, 2007

The Mud Factor

If you read Elsie's comment on the last week (previous post), you'll know I've been sick for the last week (a really nasty stomach/intestinal virus that lasted six full days - yuk). Today I'm rebounding pretty well, but am still weak and tired. My stamina should be quick to return, though; I tend to be pretty strong and healthy most of the time (how grateful I am for that!).

In the meantime, there are no sickdays for "moms" of canine kids (or of the human kind, for that matter). Labs, like children, don't stop needing care just because we humans get flus.

And it's spring here in PA, so it's mud season. Well, for Labs, it's mud season all year long, except when the ground is too frozen to yield the sticky stuff.

And mud is a huge factor when you have sixteen Lab legs romping in it. We won't even mention tails and muzzles.

Last week, while battling my virus, I could barely stay vertical long enough crate or uncrate the dogs, let alone deal with muddy paws and underbellies. Dear hubby was in CA on business so I was on my own.

But the canine kids still needed exercise (thankfully we have a fenced yard). So out they went to romp in the mud.

That I could deal with, even sick. Their playing outdoors actually allowed my some rest without having to crate them.

Ahhh. But then it was time for them to come in.



And when you're nauseated to begin with, well... you get the idea.
So what did I do?

I whipped out the tools of the season: Quikclean Waterless Shampoo and Quick Bath wipes just for dogs (these and tons of old bath towels we keep just for the canine kids).

What a relief it was to have a quick, easy means of bathing the kids when my stamina wouldn't allow for the major undertaking of regular baths for them as they came in from the mud flats outside.


Hopefully this week will prove to be better on the health front. At least today I can focus my eyes and stay upright without getting dizzy (that's a good thing).

And I can romp a little with the kidlets. I've missed playing with them (although they've lathered me, quite literally, with their concern).

I'll give it another day or two, and then we can romp in style.

The mud, however, we can do without.

'Til next time,



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better! If your like me, you put yourself on a guilt trip for not being able to carry on as usual. Then you remind yourself, "they're dogs" The guilt trip then leaves for about 10 minutes! Mine's not a lab but all 9 pounds of him measures up in emotional attachment to your 4 furbies!(gee maybe they don't use that term outside of the Maltese realm!)
Feel better soon, they need you:)

Ellen said...

Glad you're feeling better. The underbelly is the worst. My hubby always forgets to wipe Shadow down after his walk. I find a splotch of smeared mud on the floor all the time. Today is snow, at least 6 inches ...yuk, I thought winter was over.