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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's YOU Add the Caption Day!

[As usual, submit your captions for any or all of the photos through the comments feature at the bottom of today's entry and reference the pics by number. Oh, and if you REALLY want a challenge, try to make them holiday-themed this time (don't have to, but it would be fun!) Merry, merry commenting to you all! Thanks. :-)]

#1. (Elsie):

#2. (Pinot and Tuc):

#3. (Ridge):

#4. (DH and Elsie):

#5 (Tuc and Pinot):

#6. (Pinot and Elsie):

#7. (Pinot):

#8. (Kenya, Pinot, Elsie):

#9. (Tuc and Pinot):

#10. (Pinot, Elsie, Kenya, Tuc):

#11. (Baxter):

#12. (Kenya):

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rainy Days at Our House

I can't complain really. We've already enjoyed a decent snowfall (rare for us in November). And the canine crew loved it, of course! We all did.

But now we're back to Mudville, complete with rain.

I've recently determined that the volume of mud the gang tracks in is directly proportional to how recently and thoroughly I've cleaned (i.e.: the cleaner the house, the greater the mud the crew feels compelled to contribute).

I should just stop cleaning.

I've also decided that the whiter the shirt I'm wearing, the greater the likelihood of me getting pawed, rubbed, and wiped on while I'm toweling off 20 legs and paws.

Oh, and let's not forget toweling certain noses (just ONE nose, mind you...of the male, overgrown puppy variety):

Mud. Bah.

But, I like mud! Really I do. It's a wonderful sunscreen for hogs and pigs.

I just don't want it all over my house. ;-P

So, on rainy days these days, I limit how much in-and-out the canine kids get. After about 100 paws wiped, I've generally had enough.

So instead of outdoor play and the gazillion ins-and-outs of sunny days, here's how they entertain themselves:

They hang out with each other... (Ridge and Elsie, then Kenya and Elsie, then Kenya and Pinot)

They yawn... (Ridge)

They get so close to the woodstove they make Mom nervous... (Pinot)

They tease... (Tuc and Kenya)

They show off to Mom who has the KONG! Aren't we speshul! ... (Tuc)

They show Mom the Kong up close and personal in case she didn't notice the first time... (Tuc.. who else?)

They steal the Kong from each other... (Tuc and Pinot)

They swap who gets the Kong... (Pinot, then Kenya)

They tease some more... (Tuc and Kenya)

But they still know Mom is boss... (Tuc)

They expect Mom to toss the Kong indoors, too (Come on, Mom, we brought it to ya! Whadya waitin' for?)... (Pinot and Kenya)

They continue teasing... (Tuc)

They wonder what Dad's doing on the other side of the door... (Kenya, Ridge, Pinot by door)

They push everyone else aside to lie down and wait for Dad in front of the door... (Tuc, who else?)

They wait and wonder... (Tuc)

They give up on waiting... (Tuc, who else?)

They keep their eyes on their humans whereever they go... (Kenya)

They relish the few moments they get to play outdoors... (Pinot and Tuc)

Ahhh... such is life with Labs: rainy days and sunny days alike. Upsides and downsides. The good, the bad, and the muddy. :-P

Ah... such is life.

And, truth be told, I still wouldn't have it any other way.

'Til next time,