Sunday, March 04, 2007

Free Inside! The Other Things that Come with Labs

Before we bring our Labs home for the first time, we research the breed (well, I hope so, if we're wise) so we have an idea of what to expect. We plan on housebreaking and potty training and teaching them what to (and not to) chew. We assume they'll be lively and affectionate and reasonably healthy (though, we also rightly plan to incur some vet bills beyond check-ups and maintenance). We know they'll come with the need for a huge investment of our time, affection, attention, care, training, input, discipline, and reward.

Ahh...but then there are those things we didn't know about and couldn't know until we had Labs of our own.

For all you folks out there who are just thinking about getting a Lab (or just doing your research), consider yourselves warned.

And for you Lab owners out there, feel free to add to this list via the comments link below. I'd love to know what came with your canine companions.

Here's what came with mine:

  • more slobbery large-tongued kisses than I hoped for or imagined

  • more slobbery kisses offered in places I never conceived of (think wet-willy and human ears)

  • a plentiful supply of saliva-soaked tennis balls dropped with eagerness at my feet (my hands will never need moisturizers again)
  • a plentiful supply of saliva-soaked anything dropped at my feet (you name it, it's probably been one of my Labs exuberant offerings to me)

  • the need to invest in 3m stock because of all the 3m-lint-rollers we use up retrieving dog hair from our clothes and furniture during shedding seasons (who's supposed to be the retriever here, anyway?). Oh, and that's after regular brushing sessions.

  • an endless supply of automatic foot-warmers: all I have to do is sit down, and one of our four Lab-kids will plunk a head or rear or chest on my feet

  • an endless supply of lap-warmers (see previous, but change "my feet" to "my lap")

  • free showers on hot summer days (just supply the kiddie pool, lake, marsh, swamp, puddle, stream, bathtub, sprinkler, or any other water source, and you've got your Lab-powered shower)

  • more heart-warming and giggle-inducing moments than I ever dreamed

  • terrific photo ops (better than any I've seen in National Geographic or Life magazines)

  • an audible security system (just try sneaking up on our house -- anywhere, any side of the house, any door, any window, and porch or deck; we'll know, believe me)

  • a built-in, deep-seated comfort when I'm home alone at night (see previous entry)

  • a motion-activated mood sensor (boy, are Labs intuitive!); all I have to do is walk into a room and they know what mood I'm in

  • more comfort and therapy than I could buy if I went to a thousand therapists or counselors or psychiatrists (see previous entry)

  • better incentive to run the vacuum regularly than my in-laws coming to visit

  • a great weight-loss plan (increased exercise and food-sharing)

  • more life lessons (see yesterday's blog entry) than those I could glean from the wisest of sages

That's enough for now (yes, my Labs came with a host more of other things, about which I'll post another time).

What came "free inside" your Lab packages?

'Til next time,



Jill said...

First, let me say that I look forward to reading your blog with anticipation. I'm seperated from my lab and lab mix right now and your writing gives me such joy!

But as to the other things that came in that package:
1. Bed warmers better than any electric blanket. And they're much more fun to snuggle with as well.
2. Alarm clock. My lab makes sure that I never sleep too long, although she does let me sleep longer than my husband.
3. Automatic conversation topic for anyone else who's a dog owner. No matter where I go, if someone I meet has a dog, we automatically have something to talk about.

Joan said...

Hi Jill,

I'm so sorry you're separated from your beloved canines. :o( Hopefully it's not for long.

You have GREAT additions to the "Free Inside" list. :o) Our canine kids aren't allowed upstairs at our house, hence they don't sleep with us (not to mention, we'd never fit four in bed with us anyway). I never even thought about the warm blanket or alarm clock ideas. And you're absolutely right about the conversation thing; animal enthusiasts, especially dog [Lab] owners are the friendliest folks I've encountered. :o)

Thanks for adding your freebies to the list! :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm noticing Kenya sits next to
Baxter in all three pictures on
this page. Is she making sure they

Teri said...

I just saw your blog after linking from another website. I love your babies! We've had our babies 2 weeks now. They are 11 weeks and male/female siblings. Everything I read says keep them apart. When I asked the vet, she looked at me like I had 2 heads! We crate, feed, and do "beginning" training separately. Other than this time apart, can they be together to play without developing "pack mentality" and still be able to bond with humans? We love playing with them together and apart but is it really necessary for them to go days without seeing each other so they form a bond with us as well? I can't imagine having another breed...I'm now hooked on labs for life! I love that they are so eager to please and love being around people. Thanks for your help!

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