Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Springtime in PA (a weather whine)

Okay. Now it's getting downright silly.

In January we had more sixty-plus-degree days than we had "winter" days.

In February we final had snow and cold temps (so cold, the dogs couldn't play outside).

Three weeks ago, it was 20-below-zero (F) with wind chill factors;
two weeks ago it was 75 degrees (F) warm and sunny outside;
last week we were back to single-digit temps and below-zero wind chills.
And Friday we endured another major winter storm (complete with accumulating snow and ice).

It looks like winter thaw again here.

While frozen ground and snow blankets provide a reprieve from the mud factor (see previous post), these extremes in temperature (warm, cold, summer-like, arctic-like) create more-than-ripe conditions for people to get sick.

Yup, me included. I got sick again.

But I'm back...again...hopefully to stay.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?
'Til next time,


"Sunshine" said...

Joan, Sorry about your recent cold. I've been fighting one myself. The nephews brought it here with them three weeks ago and it finally knocked me off my feet the last week. I seem to be past the worst of it.

We're getting a bit of rain here in Northern California but last week was beautiful with clear sunny days in the 70's - low 80's.

After raining all morning the sun has come out for some late afternoon cheer. I'm headed to the living room to soak some up. Cheers, Glad you're back!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,

I read your blog all the time, yours and Sunshines. I just signed up to get e-mail notification when you have a new post.

My name is Jamie. I live in Denver with my two female black labs Taryn (2) and Kylie (Just turned 1). I love all the advice you post and all the "situational comedy" of living with your four dogs that I can totally relate to.

We have had a crazy Winter in Colorado as well. It was 60's and still felt like Summer until right before Christmas when we got hit with 3-5 feet of snow. It continued to snow at least once a week for about 11 weeks. It was the coldest stretch I can remember. Since then we have had 60 - 70 degrees most days. Needless to say the last patch of snow just melted in our back yard 2 days ago, on Kylie's Birthday.

Our household, and everybody that we work with, has gotten sick at least once this Winter with really nasty viruses. Our doctor prescribed "rest" which is hard to do when you own your own business and two young dogs. I had a sick day exactly like yours, let the dogs out so that I could rest then I have to deal with the mud they track in. Oh well, all those muddy paw prints remind us of all the fun they had out in the yard. I wouldn't trade my dogs for a perfectly clean house.

I think you're great, can't wait to read more about your lab kids.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and love your dogs - they are brilliant. So cute.

Feel free to join us at www.talk-pets.com - we would deff like to getting to you and your pets better.

FleasGang said...

Not sure if you want to hear this or not, but as an ex-Pennsylvanian myself, it has been in the 70's and 80's here in SC for the past 3 weeks or so :-)

Sorry, but I can't help but rub it in when talking about the weather. That's one of the biggest reasons I moved here. I do love PA in the summer and fall though.