Friday, November 11, 2005

Human Canines, Part I

I know, it's too easy to anthropomorphize (give human traits to) dogs. But I can't help it. Sometimes their expressions, habits, and mannerisms just seem so...well...human.

Take the cross-legged gentleman pose (only Baxter and Ridge do this; not Elsie):

The smile (check out Ridge's happy face):

The "I'm bored" look (or maybe "Me? Move to my crate? You've got to be kidding!"):

The pillow hug (and just what could Baxter be doing here...hmmmm?):

The "This is heaven" groan of contentment (only Ridge and Elsie do this, but especially Ridge, and especially when he's scratching his back):

The suggle of contentment (safe in a loved-one's arms):

The nuzzle of concern (taken when Ridge came home from the dentist this summer still rebounding from anesthesia; Elsie and Baxter seemed worried):

The need to be close (this was taken a year ago when Elsie was a puppy, but they still do this):

And my favorite: The "c'est whaaaaat?" expression:

Yup, they sure do act like humans sometimes. Look for more "human" images of our "kids" in the coming weeks. ;o)

'Til next time,



L^2 said...

Great post Joan - love the pictures!!! :-) Willow and Stella do these human-like things too, but Stella is the only one who sits with her front paws crossed.

Anonymous said...

I love the way their eyes sometime seem to say "Any task ya got for me to do?" Baxter seems to be doing that in the first and last pictures. Labs just LOVE to have a task to do. ANY task. Even if it is to sit and wait for you at the door. Hey! That's a task!!

ar.jd said...

really love this post..i mean i stay alone with my lab and mostly i keep observing him all day...i so know his varied expressions em..