Friday, February 25, 2011

Lab Lessons Learned in Winter 2010-2011

We've been quiet for the last couple of months. I know. Suffice it to say it's been the kind of winter that's best spent hibernating (if only I could be a bear!).

But even long, cold winters hold lessons we can learn if we're alert enough to see them. Labradors, of course, already know these things; it's we humans who need to pay attention.

Here's a list of a few things life's winter has been teaching me lately (in no particular order). The canine crew offered to illustrate, so here they are!

1. It's far more efficient (and more fun) to search with someone than on your own:

2. The older we get, the more pillows we need:

3. It is possible to have too much of a good thing:

4. Faithfulness knows no bounds (or seasons):

5. Mid-lifers need pacifying, too:

6. Sometimes it's perfectly appropriate for females to forget they're ladies:

 7.  Love lightens the load:

 8. Allowing others to love us can bring joy to us both:

9. Sometimes we just won't "get" it (and that's okay; it doesn't mean we're crazy):

10.  Stay alert for all that's right and good and giggle-inducing in this world (don't let it slip by unnoticed):

 11. Boundaries have purposes:

 12. But sometimes they're meant to be broken:

13. It's possible to be of the same genus and species, even of the same gene pool, and yet focus on entirely different things:

14. Diving in (in winter) may leave us with snow on our faces, but who cares?  It's quite invigorating:

15.  The wise seek counsel:

16. If we're willing to allow it, each day can provide a fresh slate, as clean as newly fallen snow:

17. All younger generations think they have it over older generations, that is, until they become the older generation. Then they know better.

18. Everybody needs somebody sometime:

19. Older-wisers know when to step aside and let the youngsters do the work (how do you think they got to be older and wiser?):

20. The deeper the snow, the greater the potential for fun:

22.  With enough help, it's possible to plow through anything:

23.  We can't hide forever. Eventually we have to come up for air:

24.  We need not fear life's surprises; they hold grand adventures:

25.  Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one hears. Laugh and play with abandon. These can calm our fears:

Well, that's just a few for now.

Next up will be some of my favorite canine pics from the last two months. Then we'll update you on Elsie, grand dam extraordinaire, who is likely "with puppy" and due toward the end of March (doesn't look like a false pregnancy for her!). :)

Here's hoping we're back to stay.

'Til next time,