Monday, December 05, 2005

Human Canines, Part 2 (The Christmas Version)

Since the first installment of "Human Canines" came at Thanksgiving, I thought the next installment should come during this Christmas season.

With only 18 days left until Christmas, I thought now would be a good time to post more ways our canine kids reflect us and our behavior, and more lessons we can learn from them.

So here's "Human Canines, Part 2 (The Christmas Version)." Enjoy!

1. Labs know how to frolic.

2. They demonstrate patience.

3.When they itch, they scratch.

4. They're willing to dig for good things.

5.They know how to savor the moment. :o)

6. Snow isn't a nuisance; it's a great excuse for fun.

7.They understand and appreciate the value of rest.

8. They share.

9.They take time to look at things from a higher point of view.

10. They do what's necessary to gain better perspective.

11. They stop and smell the roses (or whatever scent is in the air).

12. They sleep when they need to.

13. They offer affection unsparingly.

14. They know how to be comfortable wherever they are.

15. The exercise more when they have someone to exercise with.

16. They understand the need for boundaries.

17. They smile easily and often.

18. They know how to stay focused, even when others attempt to distract them.

19. They hold on to what's important.

20. They stay by our sides.

And most of all, Labs are just Labs: faithful, attentive, affectionate, exuberant, and wonderful to be around.

Here's to loving, living with, and learning from them.

'Til next time,


M-Fax said...

you need some chocolate in there!

I will send Bosco

Joan said...

Baxter, Elsie, and Ridge would love to have Bosco visit!

Yup, I suppose we need a chocolate to make our Lab color spectrum complete, but I think we have our hands full with three! ;o)

Besides, it looks like Bosco's got the chocolate end of things covered!

JuliaR said...

Great post illustrated lavishly! Thanks to Laura for leading me here.

Joan said...

Glad you're enjoying it, juliar!

There will be more to come!