Friday, December 09, 2005

Our Blizzard Boy (s)

Baxter is our Blizzard Puppy. We got him just a couple weeks before Christmas in 2003.

I drove nearly 7 hours (one way) just ahead of a predicted December noreaster to get Baxter from his breeder a few days shy of his 7-week-old release date. Because Baxter was healthy and big for his age, and because the breeder's vet had cleared him, and because the breeder knew we were in for quite a storm, they let me pick him up early.

We arrived home just as the blizzard started.

And a blizzard it was.

Dear hubby was away on a business trip in sunny Puerto Rico that week. ;o) Just like he's away in sunny California this week while our first "big snow" (for PA) blew in. We had about 8" of snow fall overnight. Hubby always seems to be away for events like blizzards and Elsie heat cycles. Hmmmmmm....

Anyway, Baxter is still our Blizzard Boy (the photos below were taken at 7:30 a.m. this morning during the tail end of the storm).

He romps like a spring lamb in the snow.

And he loves playing with Elsie and Ridge, plowing through the white stuff no matter how deep.

Of course, he is the ripe old age of two now. So he does like to come in from the snow and warm himself by the fire.

Sweet, silly boy.

What's even sweeter is how he's rubbed off on our sweet silly son (the human kind).

Daniel (now 21) called this morning at 7:10 a.m. from college just to let me know he was as "giddy as a schoolboy" because of the snow. PBU had cancelled all classes because of the storm so, instead of sleeping in like most college kids, Dan had been out taking pictures since 6:30 a.m.

:o) Gotta love him.

Remember, this is my serious-minded, gentle, loving, mature-for-his-age son who also happens to have mild cerebral palsy (right-side involved) and a siezure disorder. He has almost no use of his right hand and limited use of his entire right side. Navigating in snow isn't easy for him. Life hasn't been easy for him (hence his maturity and serious-mindedness).

Yet he loves the snow.

But Daniel and Baxter are buds.

And Baxter has rubbed off on him.

That's our Blizzard Boy for ya. I suppose I have two Blizzard Boys now. Go figure.

'Til next time, and Happy Snow!


JuliaR said...

I can think of worse things than to have two great blizzard boys! I am impressed that your human one was up so early for a college boy.

Dan (Eldest Son) said...

Trust me, it isn't normal for me to be up that early. I'm a late riser and i generally hit the sack late too. This is a prime example. Athough I have my last final today so i best be getting to bed.

Mom, please feel free to check out the pictures that I took of the snow day.

Love and miss you guys lots. See you 2marrow.