Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wow, It's Been Almost a Month!

We've finally returned!

But I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I blogged. It's amazing how much routine influences my productivity! And routine goes to pot during the holidays, at least at our house.

But, routine has returned; so here's to my blogging regularly again!

To get started, I thought I'd offer a recap of the last month's happenings categorized in opposing camps: Good Things (GT) and related Not So Good Things (NSGT). It's a smattering of topics in no particular order. Maybe you'll find some encouragement in seeing that my life is every bit as nuts as the next guy's. Enjoy!

GT: All three dogs love the new doggie beds we bought for them.
NSGT: We only bought two doggie beds, and we have three dogs. :( I guess there's always the couch or a human lap for whoever is left out. :)

GT: I'm really working 30 hours per week now (my employer has enough work for me to fill that many hours for me working remotely now). :)
NSGT: I have less time to blog and play with the "kids." :(

GT: I'm under freelance book contract again (in addition to my day job). :)
NSGT: I have fewer evenings available to snuggle with the Baxter, Elsie, and Ridge. They miss their "Mom" snuggle time. :( And I miss them. But they get lots of "Dad" time. :o)

GT: Ridge loves to snuggle now.
NSGT: My lap's not big enough for three Labs at one time (that would amount to 270 pounds of Lab).

GT: My lap's getting smaller. :o)
NSGT: My clothes are too big, but I'm not ready to buy a bunch of new ones.

GT: The human kids all made it home safely for the holidays. :)
NSGT: Now they're back at their respective colleges (2) and busy routines (all three). It's awfully quiet around here (humans adults and canine kids find it a bit too quiet, sometimes).

GT: I got my Christmas cards/letter out on time.
NSGT: It's been seven years since I sent Christmas cards/letters. :(

GT: I received good news at my annual physical last week. My triglycerides are down 300 points since last tested six months ago (Went from 480+ to 174).
NSGT: I hate physicals. :(

GT: I'm controlling my prediabetes well with just diet and exercise.
NSGT: I'm still not fond of exercise.

GT: Elsie and Baxter aren't chewing up forbidden things (shoes and such) anymore.
NSGT(?): Elsie and Baxter are no longer puppies. The "kids" are growing up.

GT: Elsie still loves to be next to us wherever we are, even when we're working.
NSGT: It's too easy to pay attention to her, and not to the things that have to get done.

GT: We made it through Elsie's last heat cycle just fine (though Ridge went bonkers again).
NSGT(?): Elsie still has at least one (maybe two) heat cycles to get through before she and Ridge can mate.

GT: I've been invited to join a teaching team to teach at a women's conference in Zambia (in May). My husband and I taught in Kenya a few years ago; so I'm excited to go back to Africa.
NSGT: I have to be gone two weeks (which means doggies will be crated all day for those two weeks). Anybody have any ideas how to handle this?

GT: I didn't gain any weight over the holidays; in fact, I lost a couple pounds. :o)
NSGT: I still have about 30 lbs. to go.

GT: It's been a very mild January here in PA (no snow, temps in the 40s and 50s, only rain).
NSGT: I hate mild Januaries. I love the cold and snow (as do Baxter and Elsie).

GT: I've completely eliminated white flour and sugar from the foods I eat.
NSGT: I had to give up some really yummy foods to do so.

GT: I'm blogging again. :o)
NSGT: It's been weeks since my last entry.

I suppose that's enough for now. Happy New Year, all! It's good to be back!

'Til next time,


Anonymous said...

Elsie looks destined to write her own book someday!
For the 2 weeks crating: I recommend, though it costs, a situation like this. My local vet can board dogs. They are taken out twice a day to the fenced in back yard. They employ happy teen agers who visit with the dogs probably every day. I had to leave my lab there once for 3 weeks while away on a job. I knew she'd be looked after. But she was SO HAPPY to be home, she did a happiness run all around the living room several times!

Joan said...

THanks for the suggestion. There's a chance the my senior-in-high-school will have "senior privilege" by then (meaning he'll come home everyday by 1:00 p.m. So if hubby and son leave at 7:00 a.m. and son is home by 1:00 they might do fine that way.

But if something changes, we'll look into your suggestions.