Friday, January 20, 2006

So What Happened to Winter?

The canine kids are depressed. Well, this kid-at-heart is, too. ;o)

Here it is, January, and we're averaging 20 degrees above normal. Today it's supposed to hit 60 degrees (F). Gag.

We reeeeeeeeeeeeally like snow at our house. We loved having a white December, right up until two days before Christmas when it got warm and downpoured and washed most of the snow away.

Baxter and Ridge (and Elsie) raced in the snow.

They sniffed and sniffed and sniffed the snow.

The played hide-n-seek and let's-pounce-on-each-other. :o)

And sometimes they just sat and enjoyed the quiet.

Yes, it gets very quiet here after a good snow. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

We want our winter back.


You watch: I bet we get a snow-dumping noreaster here in late March, just about the time when we're ready for spring.

Go figure. But at least our seasons change, and it gives us something to look forward to (yes, I'm looking forward to that next big storm). In light of yesterday's post, I suspose the fact that we have seasons at all is something to savor. Even if they do seem to forget which season they are.

'Til next time,
Joan (who really dislikes these mid-winter warmups!)

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JuliaR said...

Welcome back to blogging! You're probably right about the snow in March. We'll get it in April, right after I get my bicycle back on the road.