Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Pied Piper

[Sidenote: Blogger is giving me fits. For the last three days the Blogger Dashboard (and associated pages) has been incredibly slow. And I've been unable (despite repeated attempts) to insert photos. Hence, no posts for the last three days. I tried (I really did). Hopefully today will be easier.]

If how well you're followed is a measure of love, then I'm absolutely adored! The "kids" follow me everywhere. All three. Everywhere.

  • If I go outside; all three just have to join me (so much for quietly reading on the deck)

  • If I go back inside, Baxter, Elsie, and Ridge want to come, too (see photo, right)

  • If I walk from the family room to the kitchen (a whopping fifteen feet), they accompany me.
  • If I do the dishes, they plunk down right behind me--in perfect position to trip me if I step backward.
  • If I go out to get the mail; all three wait at the gate until my return (we live on a busy, dangerous highway, so the kids can't go to get the mail with me). Then they greet me with veritable plethora of vertical kisses after my unbearable one-minute absence.
  • If I sit in the recliner or on the loveseat, Elsie vies for my lap, Baxter for my knees, and Ridge for my feet. I stay warm in winter. ;o)
  • They even stand outside the bathroom door while I'm doing my business (if only they knew). ;o)
  • And if I get a treat out for them...look out!

Today, since I'm really trying to have a productive workday, I pulled flavor-filled bones out to occupy the kids while I work (three--one for each of course; everything has to be equal!). All I have to do is rattle the pet store bag, and all three start hopping and barking and scrambling to see who can get theirs first.

Now, mind you, they've been taught their manners: they must sit quietly and wait for me to say their individual names accompanied by "okay" before they can take their treats (whatever treats I give them). And they have to take their treats gently from my hand (no grabbing allowed). They faithfully follow this routine.

But the journey from the laundry room (where we keep the treats) to the kitchen (where I keep the scissors to open the treat wrappers with) must look like a lunatic version of the pied piper: 260 lbs. of canines kangaroo hopping, lamb leaping, panting, drooling, barking, and vying for first place--all until I turn around, treats in hand, and say, "sit."

Despite their boisterousness, I manage to make the journey unharmed (or untripped or unscratched or unscathed). I wonder if they "know" they could hurt me if they barreled into me the way barrel into each other.

I sure wish I knew what went on in their heads. ;o)

Oh, and in case you're wondering, they don't just follow me; they follow Don even more! Especially when he's outside working or grilling (see left and below).

So, anyway, I feel loved today. LOL, maybe a little too loved.

But that's a good thing. Isn't it?

'Til next time,


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Anonymous said...

An animal that will sleep on your feet is a WONDERFUL thing to have should you have to endure a power outage!!