Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's YOU Add the Caption Day!

[As usual, submit your captions for any or all of the photos through the comments feature at the bottom of today's entry and reference the pics by number. Oh, and if you REALLY want a challenge, try to make them holiday-themed this time (don't have to, but it would be fun!) Merry, merry commenting to you all! Thanks. :-)]

#1. (Elsie):

#2. (Pinot and Tuc):

#3. (Ridge):

#4. (DH and Elsie):

#5 (Tuc and Pinot):

#6. (Pinot and Elsie):

#7. (Pinot):

#8. (Kenya, Pinot, Elsie):

#9. (Tuc and Pinot):

#10. (Pinot, Elsie, Kenya, Tuc):

#11. (Baxter):

#12. (Kenya):


Mary said...

1) How many more days till Christmas?
2) I saw them bury the figts Pinot honest, just keep sniffing!
3) Oh yea Dad, make me look goof for Santa.
4) Okay Dad I'm not looking, you can put my gift under the tree now.
5) What? What do you mean we have to wait and open gifts?
6) Huh? they don't look like rudolph and the toys on misfit island.
7) I can say there are no gifts in the mud Mom.
8) Santa does come down the chimeny right?
9) Tuc knock it off! Santa's watching and you are buggin!
10) It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we are Labdeer.
11) When do we get to leave for Grandma's house again?
12) Your secret gift for Dad is safe with me Mom.

Mary said...

May be Santa will give me the gift of spelling for Christmas! LOL

Joan said...

LOL... Mary.. I love 'em! Thanks for the chuckles. :-)

When I get a few more, I'll go through and try to post them under the pics. :-) Hugs to Hope!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to do #9
"I TOLE you Santa wouldn't like
that!!!!" Welcome back!!!! Loved the snow pix. We've been told it'd so flakes for us a couple of times here but no snow yet. Seeing your pix is nearly like seeing real snow!