Thursday, January 27, 2005


Meet Elsie, Baxter, & Ridge: a seven-month-old yellow Lab pup; a fifteen-month-old black Lab adolescent; and a four-year-old yellow Lab adult (fox red) who happens to be neurotic. They are all registered purebreds, and they are all a tribute to the breed. This blog is about them: their cushy lives; their daily adventures; the joyful, exuberant zest for life; and the quirky way in which they view their world.

This blog is also about their humans, this human in particular. Elsie, Baxter, and Ridge are supposed to belong to me (and my family). But, truth be told, we belong to them. They've captured our hearts and invigorated our souls. And they teach us much about what really matters.

Come, learn with me as I learn from them. These Lab Tails will lead the way.

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