Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Pup and People Feet

Well, the new pup LOVES people feet.

Here she is, curled up on Don's feet in the kitchen where she plopped almost instantaneously when he paused for just a second while making dinner. It took her all of a second (maybe two) to go from full bore play to curled against his socks.

Here she is snuggled up on my feet at the foot of the rocker in the family room (I have blue running pants and white socks on; my left foot is resting on top of my right foot; she's got her head wedged between my ankles).

The pup (still unnamed) LOVES to touch when she's sleeping. She's not cuddly like Elsie (doesn't want to be held when sleeping the way Elsie did), but, boy, does she want to touch. And that's how we're getting her to sleep in her crate at night.

After we put her to bed, we sleep close enough to be able to touch her when she stirs, even though she's still in the crate. When we do, she sleeps soundly and contently in her crate.

Though we've been petting her with our hands in the crate during the night, maybe tonight we'll try using our feet. She sure seems to like them.

And maybe we'll get more rest. :o)

'Til next time,
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JuliaR said...

I think most dogs naturally like feet but Rockwell really liked them. He'd sit there and lick any bare foot that got near him. And if you put lotion on your feet, he was in double heaven!