Monday, February 05, 2007

Canine Humor

Thanks to my fellow-dog-blogger-friend over at Dog's Eye View, I've learned about a dog humorist/cartoonist in Internet Land who's actually pretty funny (a rarity, it seems). Reference was made to him in Dog's Eye's Guestbook (via the web site of Guest-Book-Signer MyDogsHaveFleas), and I just followed the links.

The cartoonist's name is Mark Parisi, and you can see his work at

To see his dog-related work click here (he does other animals, too), or just click on the "dog" category at the Off-the-Mark homepage.

My favorite is his Anatomy of a Canine Brain. It's funny because it's SO true! This cross-section of canine gray matter could have been taken from ANY of our four Labs, but especially from Baxter. :o) Check it out.

I'd copy his stuff here for you, but his work is copyrighted (as a writer, I honor copyright ownership), so I'm sending you right to the source!



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