Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tagged (and my tags) for The Thinking Blogger Award


I'm finally catching up on my blogging after being away, and I just discovered that Laura, Willow, and Stella over at Dog's Eye View (one of my favorite working Lab sites) have tagged us here at LabTails for a Thinking Blogger Award.

Double Wow! I feel privileged.

The Thinking Blogger Award seems to be an effective way to get the word out about blogs that make us think. I'm tickled that Laura has read something here that prompted her to reflect or ponder or whatever it is that made her consider LabTails when selecting her candidates for the award.

And you can only receive the award if someone else tags you (there's no self-promotion with this recognition!).

So here are my top five tags for the Thinking Blogger Award. Though I read, appreciate, and enjoy many dog blogs, only one of the following is specifically dog- or Lab-related. It seems most of the dog blogs I read are more diary-like or informational, but not intended necessarily to be thought-provoking, philosophical, or inspirational (except Dog's Eye View, of course, which I can't tag because she tagged me).

This is my "Five Blogs that Make Me Think" list. The only dog-related blog on this list is Karen Shanley's (#3 on my list):

1. The Hero's Journey (formerly known as LostinScotland): Honest, very well written, poignant, with fabulous photography, this blog is written by a fabulous writer with tender insight and thought-provoking observations. I hope you enjoy her as much as I have (and do).

2. Sacred Journey (by foolishsage): Though Mark (this blog's author) doesn't know I read him regularly, I find his posts to be real and honest, yet faith-based, and written from a point-of-view dear to my heart. My husband graduated over twenty years ago from Westminster Theological Seminary, where this blogger is currently a student, and it's refreshing to see a WTS student actively engaging the world with humor, grace, and humility, but without pretense. I appreciate his writings and perspective.

3. Karen Shanley's Blog: Filled with musings about life with her daughter, her Australian Shepherd, her Border Collie, and her Maine Coon Cat, this blog is sometimes humorous and sometimes tender, but always insightful. I appreciate Karen's (who also happens to be a published author) insight.

4. Common Grounds: I just like this blog: the way it's written; the observations its writers make; the challenges they make to my thinking. Again, a faith-based blog, this site is filled with honest, warm, sometimes humorous obersvations about life and faith.

5. The Purple Cellar: This blog offers solid, challenging insight on what it means to live a life of faith, but it's never arogant, preachy, or condescending.

I hope you find these blogs as engaging as I have!

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"Sunshine" said...


Thanks for your link to the Purple Cellar. I am enjoying it and it is just what I needed to add to the feeds I check regularly.

It appears that something is wrong with your link at the moment though. That's what made me extra curious.

The correct link should be:

For some reason this is your current link:

Joan said...

Thanks for letting me know, Sunshine. I just corrected the link!

Blessings to you,

Author Mom with Dogs said...

Thank's so much for including me in such fine company! I've previously been the recipient of this award, so I won't be participating again. But it's a huge honor to have you select me. That, and now I've discovered some new blogs to enjoy--yours included!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Joan...hope you are well...give the doggies a huggle for me...

Good hearing from you...thanks for the what do I do...???...

Thanks for the wonderful comments...I really appreciate it...

I'll be in the States now and in the foreseable future...I will be back in Scotland June 20th for graduation...and then off to a University job...and writing now full time...I'm still in SW Pennsylvania but the move will be a bit out west...I'll send you an email with my latest info...

Take care...huggles of love to you and your family, canines and human