Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cots Keep Them Cool!

I'm really not ready for this: 90s (F) and high humidity for the next four days. It's only May 31st. And we don't have central air. Yuk.

The canine kids don't like it either, although (as you read in the last post) they do love their slice of the good life on the deck (kiddie pool, raised cots, plenty of water, and a shade umbrella).

Which raises the question, where in the world did I find cots for the Labs so inexpensively?

Answer: Walmart - end of season clearance rack two years ago. They were normally $22.00 and I got them $11 each (50% off). That's a price we could afford. Yee haw!

Alas, I checked our local store and the Walmart web site; they don't carry these cots anymore. I also checked lots of other places on line, and to get anything similar to what I found so inexpensively for our gang would cost $80 or more per cot (slightly ridiculous in my book, particularly if you can find something that's well-made, safe, and functional for less).

Ahhh...and I did. I found our exact cots (or nearly) at Plow and Hearth (we have the "large" size shown) for $24.95 full price. That's not bad, considering Walmart's cost for these a couple of seasons ago. Plow and Hearth also offers a medium size for $19.95 and a small size for $17.95.

From what I can tell in the pictures at Plow and Hearth, this is the cot (or "raised pet bed") we use. They look identical.

Our cots have held up well (look nearly brand new after two years of hard use), are sturdy and stable (coated steel frames), have hammocks made of nylon mesh which dry quickly and allow for plenty of air circulation (cools the dogs), and are stackable (important for storage if you have more than one). They can also be easily assembled and disassembled for travel or camping and such.

We love our cots -- all of us: canines and humans alike. They're lightweight to carry, easy to hose down, and can take a beating (we use ours year round -- indoors, too). They also provide an elevated place for the dogs to lie down where they're off the ground and can have air circulating around them.

So, if you're looking for a reasonably priced raised dog bed (or cot, as we call them), check these out at Plow and Hearth. No, they're not $11, but $24.95 isn't bad.

And who knows? Maybe they'll go on sale later in the season.

'Til next time,


"Sunshine" said...

Thanks for all the awesome research you did here. I just ordered two and am looking forward to receiving them next week.

I've been thinking about getting some for some time. Thanks for your first hand report on these and for finding them at such a great price.


AuthorMomWithDogs said...

Ditto. Thanks for finding them at such a good price.