Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Swimming :o)

Well, Don and the "kids" are back from the cottage. I had a productive writing weekend while they were away, and they (apparently) had a ball.

Kenya, we learned, is a jumper -- absolutely no fear. Instead of wading into the lake, she leaps -- doesn't matter where she's starting (dock or shore), she leaps all the same.

Check this out:

In the last picture, that's Ridge in the water ahead of her. She's just trying to catch up!

Don tells me Kenya's a natural, unlike Elsie who loves water but swims with much splash (front paws out of the water when she strokes). Kenya was smooth and comfortable from the moment she entered the water.

They both come from the same breeder and had much the same early exposure to water. They both have incredibly strong retrieving instincts and love the water. For whatever reason, Elsie's just never been a smooth swimmer at the lake (very strong and capable, just not smooth). But the Kenya Bean seems right at home there.

I'm delighted. :o)

It was her first adventure swimming, and Don was impressed.

So am I.

Spunky, brave, enthusiastic risk taker - that's Kenya.

I wish I could say as much about me.

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

Well that is why dogs are Zen Masters and can teach us so much! Study Keyna and see if you DO want to be more fearless and such and if so, go for it. Maybe you're meant to be more cautious and look after folks however, and that's not a bad thing either.

Joan said...

Hi, Julia,

Baxter, Elsie, Ridge, and Kenya are indeed my teachers. Wow! The lessons I learn from them.

Now, this mustering up Kenya's complete fearlessness...hmmmm...not so sure I can do that (I do tend to be cautious). That's a HUGE stretch.

BUT, I am following her example in being more playful, spunky, and fun (a stretch for someonelike me who tends to be serious-minded).

I have to admit, I'm really enjoying taking life less seriously; it's fun to be silly sometimes. Maybe it's just that I'm creeping into my later 40s, and I don't care so much about what other people think of me anymore. :o)

Now, THAT's liberating!

Thanks for commenting!