Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Raised Pet Hammock Info

Well, it's that time of year again -- you know, when it starts to get hot, humid, and buggy. At least, it's that time here in PA.

And with the advent of heat, humidity, and nasty little insects, it's time to pull out ...

[drum roll please]

...ta da...

the all-purpose pet hammock (aka, raised pet bed)!!! You can see Kenya modeling ours in the last blog entry. :o)

Just consider its many uses (are you ready for a blast from last year's past?).

1. Multiple sleeping puppy support:

2. Multiple playing puppy support:

3. Puppy hiding place:

4. Comfy nursing spot:

5. Handy, comfy chewing spot (bone not included):

6. And, of course, cool, up-from-the-hot-buggy-ground resting place:

Our hammocks are going on their third season, and still going strong. We've used them indoors and out, so they've seen constant use since we purchased them. We've hosed them down, left them out in wind and rain, let them stand in the baking sun, set them up inside in front of the wood stove, and exposed them to all kinds of conditions. They've been pooped on, piddled on, slept on, jumped on, wrestled on, eaten on, flipped over, scrubbed, and stacked, and their mesh and frames are still sturdy (no sign of rot or rust yet).

And these hammocks, though well-built and sturdy, are considerably less expensive than others we've seen elsewhere.

So here's where you can find them (and yes, they are in stock and still affordable this season):

Plow and Hearth (www.plowandhearth.com), in the pet section. Just CLICK HERE to go straight to the product page (they call them "raised pet beds").

We use the "large" raised pet bed, listed now for $29.99 (last year they listed for $24.99 -- oh well).

So there you have it, just in time for the new, up-and-coming hot season.


I can't recommend these highly enough -- and they've survived our labs (and our litter, too)!


'Til next time,


Anonymous said...

Joan, Thank you for answering my question! My "grand dog" Bull thanks you, too!


Joan said...

You are QUITE welcome, Kayceebeebee. It was getting to be that time of year anyway.

I'm just sorry I didn't get back to you more quickly!

Give "Bull" a butt rub for me!


Anonymous said...

I will. My son and Bull are moving back in with us for a couple of months so my son can save up to buy a house. So I'll be giving Bull (that's his real name, by the way!) plenty of butt rubs! I thought a house warming gift of a new hammock would be nice.

I used to be able to post with my name and not as Anonymous....?


Finn's Dad said...

I think making it through that adorable litter intact is the best endorsement you can give.

I do wonder though, do your dogs prefer the hammock to say the shade, or some cold hard concrete?

Joan said...

Hey there, Finn's Dad,

LOL...yes, the hammocks did qet quite a workout with the pups last fall.

Regarding preferences, it's funny, each of our gang is different. When it's hot, Baxter, by far, prefers the cool brick walkway that happens to be in the shade, too. I tend to put the hammocks in the shade on the deck, and when they're in the shade, the rest of our gang prefer the hammocks (I think they're more comfortable for the dogs than the hardwood decking). When we put the pups' pen under the oak last fall, they all preferred the hammock to the ground -- I suspect it was softer, and it's not itchy like grass can be. But if it's a choice between a shady spot or a hammock in the sun -- hands down, they'll choose the shady spot. So I just put the hammocks in the shade, and everyone but Baxter enjoys them there (Baxter is our 100-pound giant of a Lab, so it might have something to do with his size, though he loves the hammocks when we have them indoors).

It's funny how each has his preference. What does Finn prefer?


Charlie said...

Those hammocks always look so comfy!
- Charlie

Wireless Dog Fences said...

What an adorable puppies...I like their photos...I wish my dogs are as gorgeous as they are...

Thoughts said...

OH MY GOD those pictures are ADORABLE. Its a puppy pile!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking out my window to the backyard and there is Bull sleeping on his new hammock! Thanks Joan!


Joan said...

Hey, Kayceebeebee,

So GLAD to hear Bull is enjoying his new hammock! :o)

We actually ordered another one to send with Baxter to Maine (he uses them indoors and out, the big galoot!).

I don't think you can go wrong with these for their price and durability (the others I've seen are SO expensive and made of plastic -- not a great idea for Labs).

Hehe... so are you enjoying that "granddog" of yours! ;o)


Joan said...

Hey there, Thoughts, Charlie, and Wireless...

Charlie, you have to talk your mum into one of these for you. :o) They're as comfy as they look!

Thoughts and Wireless, yup the pups sure were cute. Wouldn't it be nice if they stayed like they were then at six weeks old?

But, GET READY FOR MORE! It looks like we'll be breeding Elsie with her next heat cycle (any time now). :o)

We'll keep you posted.


Manoj said...

I love pets very much! and it seems really that PETS resting on HAMMOCK.

Charles Fosbrook said...

I am sure that this one is showing creativity at its best. They are simply looking great and awesome.

All the best,

Charles Fosbrook
The Dog Line