Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Canine Crew at the Cottage - Labor Day Weekend

In the spirit of Wordless Wednesday, here's the crew enjoying the lake (above, is our whole crew: left to right on bottom, Ridge, Elsie, Pinot, and Tuc; at top right with the white dummy in her mouth, is Kenya). Since it's been a while since I've posted I will identify who is in each photo. The following, then, is not technically "wordless" but I think you won't mind. Enjoy!

Ah...our Ridge -- a sheer delight to watch in the water:

Tuc, who after his puppy-intro-to-the-water-last-year, is a natural:

Baxter (visiting from Maine), the ever-smooth swimmer (gray muzzle and all):

Sweet Pinot, always the-rough-to-start thrasher, who eventually settles into her glide:

Pinot multi-tasking (she can drink and swim at the same time!):

Pinot spotting:

Kenya, the otter (the stealth swimmer):

Pinot, Tuc, Elsie, Kenya (l to r):

Elsie dreaming:

Pinot, in the lily pads:

Tuc and Kenya (Tuc, top) making Kenya look like a peanut head! Now that's a trick!):

Ridge (focused) and Baxter (excited):

Ridge (focused on DH) and the rest of the gang (front to back, Pinot, Tuc (r), Kenya (l), Baxter (middle), Elsie (behind Baxter):

Kenya focusing, too:

Elsie in action:

Kenya in action, leaping (Elsie on dock, Tuc, Ridge, and Pinot in water):

More Kenya jumping:

Elsie's you've-got-to-be-kidding look:

Oh, look, the gang is bringing a retrieving dummy back to DH (l to r: Kenya, Elsie, Tuc, Ridge):

Oh, look, DH threw another dummy (check out their eyes) (l to r: Kenya, Elsie, Tuc, Ridge):

Oh, look, the gang (in total) drops the dummy they were retrieving to head for the one just thrown (l to r: Kenya, Tuc, Elsie, Ridge):

My favorite picture of Ridge (in the weeds next to the dock, looking at DH at the top of the hill):

That's enough for now. There are boatloads more to come.

Hope you're all well.

'Til next time,

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Mary said...

I love all those pictures! It is amazing how they all swim together like one unit. You must be so proud of all of them! And the picture of Ridge at the bottom....what can I say? Spectacular!