Thursday, February 16, 2012

Puppy Play (at 6.5 Weeks Old): My first movie attempt!

Regular Reader should recall that Chessie the Wonder Dog (as in "I wonder how much money she's cost us so far...?") recently chewed up the small digital camera I use to take videos of the puppies.  It was, in fact, DH's camera. Since Chessie, who is approaching her second birthday next month and still quite puppyish, also chewed up my cell phone and Bluetooth ear piece over the summer, I guess that means Chessie loves us equally. DH's camera; my cell phone; silly girl.

In both cases, btw, it was my fault for leaving the items at nose height outdoors and forgetting to put them away when I let the doggies out to play unsupervised. Thankfully Chessie just chewed and didn't ingest. We really dodged a bullet there, both times.

So, don't you know, DH ordered himself a new point-and-shoot camera, and while he was doing so, ordered one for me, too (hehe.... me thinketh he doesn't trusteth me-eth with his-eth anymore-eth).

Guess what I got for Valentine's Day?   A delightful Canon PowerShot A1200.  And yup, it takes videos.

What follows is my very first attempt at creating an actual movie using video software.  I shot the clips yesterday, February 15th, when the pups were 6.5 weeks old. 

(NOTE: if you want to view this enlarged, view it at YouTube by clicking on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the video box below, and then (once at the YouTube version of this video) click on the full-screen icon at the bottom of the YouTube video box -- the full-screen icon below doesn't appear to work.)

Enjoy (and don't be too critical of my novice movie-making skills!).

'til next time,


Karen said...

Great video, and what a lovely pups! I really enjoyed watching them play.
kind regards,
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JuliaR said...

I am so pleased for you that it is warm enough to sit on the deck! I still have a foot of snow on mine, but it IS melting as we speak.