Thursday, July 14, 2005


Our sweet Sarah girl, who turns 19 years old in a month and is living and working in Ocean City, MD, this summer, came home sick earlier this week. She called Sunday evening in tears because her neck was so sore and her head hurt so badly. Needless to say, I jumped in the car for the 7-hour round trip (hauling my twin sister in tow to keep me awake) to bring her home so we could deal with doctors here in Pennsylvania.

Yes, in case you're wondering, Daddy Don is back in Ireland again, hence the need for me to do the driving and for my sister to come along.

Thankfully, doctors tell us Sarah just has a nasty summer virus (it's not meningitis, which was our fear). I'm glad I went to get her nonetheless; she needed to come home. And I drove her back Tuesday. She's fine now.

But she was sick. Really sick. She felt really lousy. And there's nothing like having those things that bring us comfort nearby when we don't feel well.

One of those things for Sarah is the dogs, especially Baxter.

Since Baxter was 6.5 weeks old, Sarah and he have been buds. And Baxter, ever boisterous and enthusiastic, seems to know when she needs a gentle touch. He even braved the bare wood floors to snuggle with Sarah on the sofa bed (her bedroom doesn't have an air conditioner) (see photos above).

Being with Baxter, and being at home (a "safe" and loving place in our house), did Sarah a world of good. And though I'm sure the prescriptions for muscle relaxants, antibiotics, and hydrocortisone creams helped Sarah immensely, I suspect the comfort Baxter and home bring to Sarah helped her ever bit as much.

I'm thankful our home is what it is: a welcome respite, a safe haven, a place of refuge and comfort. It's what I prayed our home would be, especially for our children.

And I think Baxter, Elsie, and Ridge make it that way much more than it ever would have been without them.

'Til next time,


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well now!!!! I once had to do such a trip....
My lab reveled in her daily morning walk, but once I was sick with a flu/bad cold and just kept sleeping on the sofa all morning. She laid right there at the back door, watching, and keeping me company. She never requested to go do her walk. Wonder how they do that?

Cheryl said...

I hope that Sarah is feeling much better now. Those pictures are just too sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Our lab is only 16 months old and we had her at the beach the other day and she developed what we now know as cold water tail. She was in extreme pain and it ended up costing us $500 at an emergency vet clinic. Glad to get all of this info,it has been really helpful. Our vet knew exactly what had happened,she has seen it before and says there is no real cure for it except anti inflammatories. Wish i had seen this sight before,we thought she had damaged a hip.