Friday, July 15, 2005

Puppy Syndrome

Okay. I'll admit it. After Thursday's post about Sarah and Baxter, and after looking through our puppy pictures of the Boos, I'm ready for another puppy.

Another puppy????? Am I out of my mind?

I suppose. But I think it's just Puppy Syndrome.

Here are its symptoms:
  • an uncontrollable urge to pick up and caress the velvet-soft coat of a puppy, any puppy.
  • a driving need to smell puppy breath and to hear puppy grunts
  • a gentle tug at your heart
  • a complete loss of practical sensibilities (particularly when you already own three dogs)
  • impaired memory when it comes to dog-related finances
  • further impaired memory regarding the work involved in raising and training a pup
  • even further impaired memory about how difficult it is to go away (without dogs) on vacation or to visit out-of-town friends and family
  • complete loss of recall regarding all those friends/family members you like to have over, but who feel uncomfortable around canines (one or two, let alone four)
  • and visual impairment: eyes that refuse to see mounds of existing dog poop already in the back yard.

Ahhh... I guess I have a serious case of Puppy Syndrome, which I suppose will go untreated until Elsie is old enough to breed (and clear her screenings).

There is a rumor around here, however, that we might just get another female pup: this time a black. If we mate Ridge and Elsie, they'll only be able to produce yellow puppies (both are yellow). We may just need a black female to mix it up a bit.

We'll see. Right now puppy pictures will just have to do. Just look at some of these images of Baxter:

Here's Baxter at the door and pulling on the digital cameral strap. In both pictures he's probably only two months old.

Just in case some of you have puppy syndrome, here are some more Elsie and Baxter puppy pics. Ridge, as you regular readers know, came to us as a three-year-old; no puppy pictures of him. :o(

But Baxter and Elsie sure were cute.

Elsie loved to snuggle. And she really loved "nellie-phant"(a stuffed elephant) and her stuffed cow (below). Baxter loved his stuffed ducks, his stuffed hedgehog and a stuffed monkey with squeaky toys in its paws.

We had to discontinue using stuffed toys, especially those that squeaked, when Ridge came to live with us: he'd destroy them and would go wild at their sounds. Oh well; it's a season past. But we'll have that season again someday. :o)

Elsie always was a snuggler. She still is. :o)

But so was Baxter. He still is, too. So now we have an 80-pound lap dog and a 100-pound lap dog.

And, truth be told, I wouldn't have it any other way.

'Til next time,



L^2 said...

Awwww.... Baxter puppy & Elsie puppy were so cute!!!
I'm going through puppy syndrome right now too. :-)
Stella is about to be one year old (July 24th) and over the last week or so I've kept thinking, "wouldn't it be fun to get another puppy--maybe a male, yellow (fox-red), with a liver-nose, like your Ridge, this time.
For some reason I seem to be forgetting how much work Stella was (& still is). Maybe in another year or two, when Stella is a little more "grown up," I'll seriously consider adding another puppy to the family. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bentley's coat always feels soft like a puppy, and at 1yr+ still does puppy grunts, and his little poops are about the size of my finger. Maybe two fingers if he ate too much:) Maybe you should consider a maltese next time! LOL

My friend has an 8 month old Bull Mastiff, two pugs, 2 rabbits, an exotic bird, 3 hamsters a camellian that just had 14 babies and 4 kids. She just informed me that she is getting an english bull dog! Must be something in the air! My advice to you...don't breath! Just kidding.

Your pups sure are cute and I know how much joy they bring to your life!
Bentley's mom

LostinScotland said...

Go for can never have too many dogs in your life...I miss my dog who lived for 18 years...and then all the dogs that I house sat for..while their owners enjoyed a is just nice to have someone there that you can talk to...and is never judgemental! can tell you deepest secrets and no worry about them revealing them

Dog Mom said...

Great Lab Blog! I'm excited to catch up on your archives and read more about your family. My girl, Baby, has a dog blog that she pens herself, and she is also part lab. I enjoy reading about the labby traits of your pups, and realizing how many of them she has! The more dogs, the merrier, I say! Though my next one (or two) will likely be adults, like my two current pups were when I got them.