Monday, May 08, 2006

Snuggle Withdrawel

Poor Baxter, Elsie, and Ridge. They're in serious snugggle withdrawel.

You see, Daddy Don traveled to Ireland and France for work last week, came home for the weekend, then flew to upstate New York where he'll be until Thursday morning.

I leave for Zambia the same Thursday afternoon a few hours after Don gets home.

AND with all my Zambia preparations AND my work deadlines AND having to deal with insurance companies after youngest son's accident (he was rear-ended; not his fault) AND doing airport runs for hubby AND moving oldest son home from college for the summer AND squeezing in pre-trip family time (visiting daughter at college and going to Mom's for a Zambia send-off dinner) AND the usual stuff (bills, laundry, meals, etc.) and, well...the poor canine kids aren't getting much attention or snuggle time--certainly not as much as they're used to. Ridge in particular has become quite a snuggler (even enjoys the puppy pile, meaning he snuggles with us even if we're already snuggling with Baxter or Elsie). :o)

So they're depressed. And it shows. Poor kids.

I've been trying to spend evenings with them, but time is tight with Zambia looming. At least firstborn son, Dan, is home now, so he can snuggle with them a bit. The LOVE Dan. Just like they love us.

So snuggling with Dan will have to do. Don and I just aren't available right now (he's away, and I'm prepping for Zambia).

I wonder how they'll be while I'm away (two full weeks)? Will they miss me? I know I'll miss them! It's funny how attached we become. :o)

'Til next time,

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