Saturday, July 15, 2006


Yup, that's right: you see FOUR dogs in the picture on the left.

We've added my sister's Golden Retriever, Gracie, to our pack for the two weeks Gracie's family is in Germany this summer. Gracie and Elsie have played together regularly since they were both pups, so this is home-away-from-home for her (or as close at it gets, I guess).

Left-to-right in the picture above it's Elsie, Gracie (getting her head rubbed), Baxter, and Ridge.

Oh, and the mayhem at the gate while we're trying to get in is normal. This is our daily return-from-getting-the-mail routine (notice the packages under hubby Don's left arm).

Why all the commotion?

We have a fabulous postal delivery gal who everyday, without fail, leaves three small dog treats in the mailbox with our letters and packages. And now that Gracie is here, our postwoman is leaving four.

It's a kind, thoughtful gesture, one she doesn't need to do and one she probably doesn't realize brings so much joy to our home. It's a simple thing she's added to her daily work routine, but it makes a huge difference in the lives of her dog-owning postal customers--every day. :o)

I wish more people were as thoughtful as she.

And, of course, the canine kids know the sound of her mail truck a half-mile away.

Here are Baxter's and Ridge's reactions to the mail truck pulling into our driveway (the white truck with the small red and blue stripes immediately behind the van). I can almost hear them...

"'s the mail lady...ohboyohboyohboy...more treats!"

Poor Gracie doesn't know what to think. Elsie's just along for the ride. She enjoys her treats; she's just much calmer about it than the boys.

It's a sad day at our house when our regular postwoman goes on vacation, treats. :o( Poor depressed kids. But I usually find a way to slip our own treats into the mail pile I carry in from the box. It's amazing what we do for our kids, even the canine ones. :o)

Pavlov certainly knew what he was talking about. The drool factor at mail time increases exponentially. So does the panting.

But I sure hope we don't get a new mail person any time soon. She's the best.

'Til next time,

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