Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Too Hot to do Anything

I can't get anybody to go outside in this heat. None of the dogs wants to (rare, especially for Baxter and Elsie). I even hose down the deck so it's cool on their paws, and they still won't step through the door. I finally had to push Mr. Ridge outside because he hadn't peed yet today. I knew he had to go from the way he was pacing in the house, but he just didn't want to brave the scorching sun.

Well I got him outside for all of about 30 seconds. Then it was like this:

"Hey, Mom...YO!....Mom!"

"It's hot out here. Cantcha tell? Put the camera down and take me inside so I can cool off."

"Like, now!"

Baxter and Elsie have the right idea for this kind of weather: lounge around and do nothing.

Nothing at all.

Well, nothing except eat ice cubes. They'll do that all day if I let them.

I still think it's a great way to keep them hydrated when it's so hot outside (an in).

'Til next time,



Nancy said...

Hey Joan! Love reading about your dogs. My babies and their humans live in Georgia. I give my Midnight (Lab) and Sammi (poodle?) ice water in the summer twice a day. It may be a lot, but its worth it to see the smiles and wagging tales, or is it because they know food is not far behind.... Have a nice day!

Joan said...

Hi Nancy!

Ice water is a great idea! :o)Midnight and Sammi must smile and wag a good bit having a human like you!

If I put ice in water bowls at my house, however, the canine kids do face swirlies (they truly won't drink out of the bowls; they'll only plunge and swirl their noses and faces). :o) I guess it feels good, kinda like a cold shower maybe?

Doling out ice cubes several times a day here keeps the floors dry at least. ;o) It just seems easier than mopping up after face dunks.

Stay cool! It's going to be hot one again today.