Thursday, August 03, 2006

When It's 90 degrees F. at 9:00 a.m...

When it's 90 degrees (F) at 9 o'clock in the morning, you know it's going to be hot.



So what do our southeast-PA-not-used-to-this-kind-of-heat Labs do during a heat wave?

They pant.

And pant.

They stop eating.

And pant.

They stop snuggling.

And pant.

They yawn.

And pant.

They eat ice.

And pant.

They sleep.

And pant.

They take turns in the kiddie pool.

And pant.

They shed.

And pant.

They do nothing.

And pant.

They flop wherever it's coolest--a location that changes as the sun moves over the house. Especially Baxter, our black-coated Lab who stays in the shade at all costs on the rare occasions he ventures outside these days.

So they hide from the sun.

And pant.

Poor hot doggies. Even their lives are uncomfortable sometimes. But their existence will soon return to it's-a-dog's-life bliss, as soon as the weather breaks.

What a relief it will be.

'Til next time,


Molly Brown said...

Finally! Finally someone's taking lessons from their dogs!!! Keep listen and training sweetie! You are well on your way to being the best trained person around!
ps: BTW if can can swing it..get your pups their own computer!

LostinScotland said...

Poor things...its about 75-80 here in Glasgow today Joan...we had 2 weeks of hot...hated it...not like at home...M&D near Pittsburgh said it was 107 the other day...yuk!!!!...I'll take my 55 average temp in Scotland any day..unlike most people...I like the weather here...too bad I canna bring it home with me....

Bring the dogs here, I'll take em for a swim in Loch Lomond or Nessie Hunting

gwiz said...

It's been very hot here as well. The Labs spend most of their time in the doggie pool.

And BTW-you've been tagged. Read my blog to find out what it means.