Monday, November 05, 2007

Mr. Green and Mr. Blue go Home!

Well, we're down to just our Pinot now (formerly Miss Black). Mr. Green, now called "Killian," left us yesterday afternoon for his new home. Here he is with his new forever family:

And Mr. Blue flew to AZ with his new "mom" Theresa on Friday. Here are a few shots of him (now called "Copper") with his new forever family at his new home:

I think Copper and Killian are going to have a ball in their new homes. We're tickled with their placements and, again, couldn't be more pleased.

Knowing the pups have all gone to such great new families makes it so much easier to part with them. I will admit, however, that it's been bittersweet to let them go.

I just thought you'd all like to know!

'Til next time,

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, guess who? Just wanted to let you know that killian is getting along well. He misses his puppymates dearly though, and just wants to have someone around at all times. He does have my son william though, who killian seems to think is a puppy. The way he acts with william is much the same way he acted with the litter. I think its because they are about the same size. He's started to think differently, but they are best of buds, nonetheless. He's taking to crating very well and when he wants to take naps, goes and lays down by himself. This time change is a killer though, he seems to like to wake up around 3-4 (last night was 2:30 and he went to bed late too). I let him out and he does his business (which he has taken to very well), and then we play for a bit, and then he settles down again, until I move and he'll follow me wherever I go and if he cant get to me, he'll whine and bark, and then when I leave for work, he'll sneak upstairs and get in bed with my wife and lay on my pillow. He's a pure people person and any time anyone sits on the floor, he'll be in your lap within 2 minutes. Cant wait till he's 80 lbs and trying to do it. I think we left the duck at your place, and I was in wal-mart the other day and saw one, and when I walked in the door with it, killian looked like he found a long lost love.

Just wanted to touch base and let you know how things are going. Hope you're enjoying the world as I type this and I'll be checking in now and then, and hopefully be able to send you some pictures as (Stony Ridge Killian Irish Red of Montgomery) grows