Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pinot's Pillows

Ahhh...the life of a puppy!

Eat. Sleep.
Play. Sleep.
Pee and poo. Sleep
Romp with big dogs. Sleep.
"Work" all of about 5 minutes, a couple times a day (basic manners training). Sleep.
Observe the world. Sleep.
Run. Sleep.
Scavenge crumbs off the dishwasher door. Sleep.
Hang out on the hammock. Sleep.
Chew. Sleep.
Crate. Sleep.
Yawn. Sleep.
Then sleep some more.

So, in tribute to a puppy's need for sleep, here are the many pillows of Pinot:

The sofa cushion:

Grandma's Lap:

The Hammock:


Baxter (especially Baxter's butt):

Kenya (who then uses Elsie -- the domino effect!):

Mom (Elsie):

Sofa + air (this can't be comfortable!):

Puppies can sleep just about anywhere in just about any position.

I wish we could say the same for humans.

'Til next time,

Joan (whose drug-induced sleep on a 757 during a 9-hour flight still wasn't restful!)


Kathy said...

Oh, my goodness! Soooooooooo cute!

Mary said...

Could Pinot get any cuter! I remember those days where my puppy used to sleep a it's just play with me, take me for a walk, give me treats, take me to the park, take me to the lake....come on Mom....what? You have no energy? I'm confused......I'm jealous of you at this stage!

teresamc said...

Pinot and Ridge's picture is priceless. Labs are just the best dogs ever. Hope you can catch up on your sleep soon. If only you could nap when Pinot does--you'd be caught up in no time....
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Many blessings too!!

Charlie said...

Is there anything more peaceful than a conked out puppy!?
- Charlie

Joan said...


Yup, she's awfully cute!!!!!


I doubt this stage will last long. But the advantage here is that Pinot has her pick of canines to play with, so the pressure isn't all on me. :o) When I don't have the energy, one of the four-legged gang always does. :o)


Yes, I love this picture of Pinot and Ridge. We have nearly the same shot of Ridge with Elsie when she was a pup. And, yup, I'm finally caught up on sleep. Yay!


I don't think there's anything quite like a sleeping puppy. Sleeping babies are pretty close, but the peacefulness of a puppy's slumber can't help but warm your heart! (and make you smile). ;o)

Thanks for the comments, all!


XAgirl said...

can anyone tell me why my dog sleeps with one paw curled around her snout?

The Oriental Express said...

Oh yes. I am one of those lucky humans who can sleep anywhere and everywhere!

I could even fall asleep while standing in the train if I were very exhausted. Once I fell asleep in the shop while waiting for my eldest sis to choose her pair of shoes!

I love your blog which I stumbled upon!

With God's blessings for a great New Year.

Your fellow blogger from Singapore!

Choo Choo