Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pinot Loves Her Dad!

Warning: Cute snuggle pics below!

Pinot is persistent about her affection for Ridge. And he's suprisingly tolerant. Even more than tolerant, he welcomes it. Take a look:

She gives Ridge lots of kisses, often grooming his face and ears (which he doesn't seem to mind despite his ear sensitivities):

They watch the other dogs together (What are they doin' Dad? Huhhuhhuhhuh?):

Like Mamma Elsie (see "Taking Cues" entry from 12/02), Papa Ridge makes a great pillow:

She loves being close to him (could they be any closer?):

She even lets Ridge use her as a pillow! Now that's a rarity. :o)

No doubt about it; they're buds. I think Ridge is "closer" to Pinot than any of the others in our gang. He really does seem to enjoy her affection. I doubt he "knows" she's his offspring (unlike Elsie's knowing from whelping her). But there is something about their connection that surpasses that of Ridge's connection with the other dogs.

Go figure.

Maybe it is a daddy/daughter thing, and he just doesn't know it. :o)

In any case, it warms my heart to see.

There's something unusually tender about his connection with Pinot; he offers her a gentleness, patience, and tolerance he doesn't show anyone else. I can't help but wonder why.

But I don't wonder long. I'm just thankful for their mutual affection.

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

I love these photos. I can just imagine how warm and dog-smelling that spot on the couch would be (I love the smell of a dog BTW) and want to scrunch right in with them.

Kayceebeebee said...

Once again, all I can say is....CUTE!!!!!!! Oh sooooo, cute!
They look so cuddly and soft. Oh how I'd love to just hug them.

Russ Devan said...

Very cute pics, Joan. Nala is doing well and getting big. And she's still extremely cute (and very snuggly, too). She's still working on trying to understand the housebreaking thing, but is doing better. She knows how to ask to go out sometimes, but not always. Still a few accidents now and then, but not as many. Glad to see your canine clan is doing well.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so adorable. Each one is cuter than the last one. Ridge and Pinot certainly have a precious bond. They touched my heart.

teresamc said...

The previous message from anonymous is from me.

Mary said...

Maybe Ridge feels that Pinot was a special girl when she was born with the murmer and he is protective of her like she is fragile....even though she really isn't. Animals as you know are very sensitive to that sort of thing. They really are cute together and I'm so glad you shared their pictures with us. Once again, smiles from me. : )

L^2 said...

I know, I know it's what everyone else said, but awww... they're so cute!!!

Also, there's a present waiting for you at my blog (here). :-)

momma teece and the sundancer gang said...

Oh look, me and mini-me! LOL! They are so cute together. Copper is doing well, like Nala still had the occasional accident but having fun and learning new stuff every day! He loves Tabitha's St. Bernard slippers, pounces on them like a cat!

Joan said...

Julia -

we love scrunching in with the gang on the couch -- sometimes it's even three of them on one of us. It's warm and cozy, but it may be time for a bigger couch!

Kaycee --

Yup... cute as cute can be, and with their winter coats now, they're incredible soft and huggable!

Russ --

Great to hear from you, and glad to hear Nala is doing well. Yes, we still have occasional accidents with Pinot, too, but it's just the way of it with pups (how quickly we forget!). I'll be in touch separately.

Teresa --

Yes, they do seem to have a special bond, though I'm at a loss to explain it. They move my heart, too.

Mary --

Who knows? Maybe Ridge does know Pinot needs special protection, though her heart murmur has cleared up nicely. Smiles and hugs to you and your gang!

L^2 --

What can I say? I'm humbled by your gift. :o) And I continue to appreciate your gentle insights over at Dog's Eye View. Thanks so much! Hugs to Willow and Stella from our gang!

Hey, Momma Teece! --

Great to hear from you! And glad to hear Copper is doing well (I think Pinot still misses him and Killian sometimes). I'll be in touch by e-mail shortly! Hope all is well, and give ear scratches to the gang. :o)

Blessings to you all,