Monday, December 03, 2007

An Unperturbed Holiday?

First, my apologies for the poor picture quality above. I took this through my office window this morning (window and screen, no less) because I didn't want to disturb Baxter. He seemed so content.

Baxter, as many of you know, is our observer. Just as he did in yesterday's video, while the others romp and race outdoors, Baxter sits and ponders. Ponders what? Heaven only knows! But he seems to be pondering nonetheless.

Lately, while Baxter observes the world going by, I've been observing him.

And I think he's on to something.

What you can't see in the picture above are the 40 mph wind gusts swirling around him. Admittedly, compared to a hurricane or tornado, 40 mph isn't much, but for around here that's pretty windy.

Our wind chimes clamor incessantly. The tarps strain against their tie-downs. The house moans and creaks in resistance. What few leaves are left on their trees struggle to hold on, but I know they'll be gone by the end of the day.

As Pooh and Piglet would say, it's a zephyr day -- a day for scary things like heffalumps and woozles.


But there Baxter sits, unperturbed by it all.

Maybe it's his focus.
Maybe he really likes the wind.
Maybe he finds new airborne scents fascinating.
Maybe he enjoys the changes in the air.

Or maybe he's just oblivious. :o)

Again, heaven only knows.

All I know is I see my big galoot of a gentle giant out there calmly watching the fury. And I wish I were more like him.

For me, the weeks before Christmas can feel like zephyr days. Whirlwinds. Cyclones. Howling swirls of activity and preparation. And though I've resisted the crass commercialism of Christmas and have worked hard to make the season a family-oriented, faith-based celebration, I still find myself caught in a flurry of activities.

This year, I think I'll be more like Baxter. I'll let the season howl around me, but I'll take time to sit, be still, and focus on what counts.

Will you join me? Maybe we can even encourage each other (via posts and comments) over the next few weeks to remember to pause and reflect .

How's your zephyr meter these days? I'm hoping to make mine read about zero in the weeks to come, but I'd settle for a five or less (on a scale of zero to ten, ten being the busiest and most frantic).

How about you?

'Til next time,


JS said...

Our dogs can teach us so much. And you and Baxter have inspired me to make a commitment to just take some time each day to sit and let the world go on around me. There will always be something that I need to do no matter what. But I think we all need to stop once in awhile to just let things happen.

Joan said...

Good for you, JS!

The world keeps spinning no matter what (or how much) we do, so we may as well sit back and enjoy the ride now and then.

Go for it! And let me know how it goes. :o)


Bryan said...

Killian is much like baxter, he'll sit and look out over our back yard, or out the front door, watching the world go by and its just so calming to watch. We've learned a lot from each other in the last month and oh how I've missed having a dog in my house. My stress levels have been through the roof in the last previous months, and my blood pressure was up, but in the last month, Killian has reminded me to take a step back, and enjoy the world around me. My blood pressure is lower than its probably ever been (used to be perfect, now its 116/73.)

In a previous entry you talk about cues with the snow. It was funny, Killian didnt have any cues, and he wasnt quite sure about the snow that morning for about 1-2 minutes, and I was just about to go show him that it was fun, when he grabbed one of his toys and flung it in the air and about 30 seconds later the back yard looked like a Killian blizzard kicked up. Labs are truly a one of a kind dog. As far as the cues go though, you can see he's constantly looking to me for answers, mainly at this point still right and wrong, and we've gotten to the point that I can shake my head yes or no when he looks at me (mainly if he's allowed to have kids toys or not), and he'll either drop it or keep playing with it. I do admit I've given in to him with one stuffed animal that was my sons. It's a little bunny rabbit that he's wanted over and over again. Every time I would tell him he cant have it, he would give me his sad face. Finally, I gave in and now he just nibbles on it with his front teeth and takes naps with it.

Anyway, enjoy your holiday, sit back, relax, and do like I'm going to, view the world through the eyes of an observer. Everything is much more enjoyable that way sometimes ;o)

JuliaR said...

OMIDOG the pressure to write a clever comment! Too much for the silly season. (runs away)

I still haven't put up the wreath on the front door but I did get out the Christmas linen the other day. I figure if someone has a problem with the way I do things, that's their problem. :) Going to the gym three times a week really helps too.