Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Tuc!

Tuc is one year old today (Friday, May 15th)! I just had to post a few pictures of the birthday boy... and I'll update you all in another post.

Here he is, our Arizona-born-boy, at one year old!

And here are a few comments from Tuc himself:

"I like standing at the back door. Sometimes I even jump so high my head goes above the top of the door (that's Kenya next to me). "

"I like to make sure everybody knows I have a bone, when I have one."

"I have a LONG tongue, too"

"And it flaps when I run and climb steps."

"I like watching things... but I still have the attention span of a gnat (I'm just a puppy still)."

"I try really hard to listen."

"But I can't keep my tail still."

"See... I'm really just one big happy boy!"

"I'm a whole year old now. I have a really LONG body. My brain will catch up to my body soon enough. For now, I'm all adolescent. Oh, and did I mention I really like bones?"

"I love bones almost as much as I love people. But not quite. I really, really love my people!"

"And I really love my pack."

"I'm bigger than all of them now, but I'm still an imp. They put up with me most of the time. (This is me, on the left, with Pinot and Kenya, watching Dad in the basement; I'm still afraid of the steps.) Mom and Dad put up with me most."

"But I'm a loveable galoot."

And he's our galoot. I wouldn't have it any other way. :D

'Til next time,


Cindy Del Vecchio said...

What a gorgeous boy.

JackDaddy said...

Happy Birthday Tuc! And many many more!

Rufus, Indie (and Anita) said...

You are a beautiful Lab Tuc! Happy birthday!

Chester's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Tuc! You sure did grow up to be quite a big boy. (I'm kind of a long in the middle too).
I can still see you as a little fella stealin' stuff out of the pantry. You're much bigger now, I bet you can reach the top shelf if you want to. Thanks for telling us about yourself.

You and your pack were made for each other!

Woofs and birthday cake slobbers,

Cheryl said...

Tuc is such a handsome boy!! Please give hime belated birthday hugs and kisses from me and my gang!

Mango said...

Hi! Happy birthday!

My little brother is a lab. I didn't even know I liked them until little Pee-Wee (um, I mean Dexter) came to live with me.

Now I agree with momma that labs are really cool doggies.

Stop by and visit some time.


Patrice said...

Happy Birthday Tuc! I hope many more years to come. I love your photos.

Shriyansi said...

Happy Birthday Tuc! Joan - I love your posts!! I'm a dog nut myself and have 2 beautiful, affectionate and incredibly silly (intact) males - one is a cocker spaniel and the other is a boxer. :) Given the personalities of all your doggy babies and mine, I'm sure they'd make fabulous doggy buds. Hugs to you and all your fabulous babies!