Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy June! We're Back. :D

Dear Regular Readers,

I'm so sorry our absence from blog-land worried you. I've received your e-mails and have appreciated your concern (more than you imagine). You know I value you all. Thank you.

Here's the deal: May was a tough month for me emotionally -- I didn't have the heart to write. No crisis; no major issue or unexpected event; no catastrophe. I was just worn out.

The past 18 months (our people and canine issues) finally caught up with me. I've been cheerleading/encouraging everyone else for a long time, but never really processed my own thoughts/feelings about it all. I just needed time. Getting some space (time alone), rest (lots of sleep), sunshine (the rains have gone), dirt therapy (digging in my flower gardens), and canine cuddling (there's nothing more therapeutic than a Lab sleeping on your lap) have rejuvenated my spirits.

We're finally turning the corner (I think) -- spring might actually have come (though, for a time, I wondered if it ever would). I'm starting to feel like my old self again.

For you RRs who'd like to know the status of the people-stuff, I'm listing the updates here in bulleted form (feel free to skip them -- the Lab stuff follows).

  • DTS (Dear Twin Sister), who has been in the midst of this awful, unwanted divorce, sold her house after only four weeks on the market, and has settlement on it in just under four weeks from now.
  • DTS also found a wonderful little place to live -- a perfect refuge for her -- within her pre-approved mortgage price-range (a miracle), and has settlement on her new place on the same day as settlement on the house she's selling. YAY!
  • Finding a livable home and knowing where she's going to live has given DTS an incredible boost in outlook (which is an incredible boost to me). She was actually really, truly happy last week (something I haven't seen in almost two years). Double YAY!
  • DTS's final divorce settlement is being signed this week. Then it's filed at the courthouse with the actual petition, after which, in three months, the divorce becomes legally final. In practicality, however, as of this week it should be done -- behind her -- freeing her (and the rest of us) to move forward into a new future with her.
  • Two weeks ago, my 86yo mother finally completed the additional therapies she needed as part of her rehab for the femur she broke Christmas Eve. That means I no longer have to do the several-per-week appointment runs I was doing (I actually get to plan my days!). Mom is recovering slowly, but well.
  • DFS (Dear Firstborn Son) is back at school for the first summer term, after which he'll move home for the rest of the summer. He passed all of his classes from spring term (a minor miracle) and is working once again toward building his future (what a relief). Passing this spring means he can go back in the fall. :D I'm tickled for him.
  • DYS (Dear Youngest Son) is home for the summer (I enjoy having him here). Because it's so difficult to find summer jobs this year, we've hired him (and DFS) to do stuff around here for us instead of working elsewhere -- a huge help.
  • DSD and DSIL (Dear Sweet Daughter and Dear Son-in-Law) have moved to a different apartment in Maine and are in a much better living situation (safer, less conflict, etc...) than where they were before (a nightmare and quite concerning for us). Med school goes well for DSIL; work is challenging for DSD (she's a psych case-worker) -- but it's a job with benefits. Baxter Boos, btw, is thriving. :D
  • DH and I are well... and have been all along. He's truly a gift to me.
  • DH is traveling more for work. But at least he's still working. We won't know any more about his job status (the Phizer/Wyeth thing) until September.
  • After a lot of time reevaluating, I'm going back to work as a freelancer. Because of our nutsness of the last 18 months, I haven't worked at all -- as my doctor says, I've been a full-time caregiver. As of this month, I'll be writing again regularly for publication. That means my days will be more structured. And that, in turn, means I'll be posting here again several times a week. :D I feel like I might actually be getting "my" life back. :D
Enough about people; now for the Labs.

The canine gang is thriving. Ridge and Tuc are getting along just fine; the girls are getting along terrifically, too; no one is in heat right now (so it's sane), and all five are delighted to have sunshine and cool temps in which to romp outdoors. We've been been working a bunch more with them 1:1, which has been fun for them, and good for my soul.

Here's how they're doing:

Tuc is responding incredibly well to more deliberate training (at just oneyear old, he can be a handful, but he's so eager to please).

is slowing down (getting older and showing his age).

has calmed considerably in the past two or three months (she's 21 months old now).

is as bear-like and as low-key as ever.

continues to wiggle wherever she goes.

All five continue to make me giggle, smile, and laugh.

All five make me feel abundantly loved.

We've had a few rounds of ear stuff (typical with Labs). Mostly just ears in need of cleaning. We did have one infection, which responded right away to treatment.

Otherwise, Lab life has been delightfully uneventful.

After nearly two weeks of steady rain, it's finally sunny and drying out here. That means happy canine kids.

and plenty of play time (rain or shine)...

We're still dancing ...

we're still loving and enjoying each other (we have been all along)...

and we're still looking out for each other...

As we should be.

It's good to be back. It's good to feel the sun again.

It's also good to share this life (good or bad) with our Labs.

And with you.

Thanks for hanging in there with us.

'Til next time (which will be tomorrow!),


JuliaR said...

I'm glad you're back! I missed seeing pix of the pups.

Sometimes, you just have to regroup and do what's right for you.

Momma Teece said...

I am so glad to read your words! Today is a wonderful day for all of us! Hugs to you and butt rubs to the gang!

kayceebeebee said...

Happy to see you post and that all is well!

Only Ginny said...
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Only Ginny said...

Welcome back....I enjoy reading your blog and have missed it. I had thought maybe something serious had happened. So I was glad to read that everything is fine. We have three canine kids (chocolate labs) and I can relate to what goes on with yours. Again welcome back

Chester said...

Welcome back! I've missed you and your fur-kids! Sometimes you just gotta step back and re-group!
Glad all is going well!

Chester's Mom

Mary said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! JOAN IS BACK! JOAN IS BACK!!! I'm so excited because I'ver really missed you and reading about your labs. Pinot and my Hope are almost the same age so it's so nice to read about her and what she is doing because it's a reflection of Hope. Plus, I don't feel like I'm a bad Mom when raising a lab when I read what you go through with them! Everything is just normal. YEAH!!! JOAN IS BACK! JOAN IS BACK!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!