Tuesday, June 02, 2009

More Wet Stuff (and Silver Linings)

So it hasn't rained here in a few days.

Responsible woman that I am, I decided I better water the gardens this morning, especially since some flowers I planted last week look dead. Lazy woman that I am, I checked the weather forecast to make sure watering was really necessary.

There it was in blazing yellow and white at weather.com: sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, and then maybe a shower or thunderstorm later tonight (a whopping 20% chance).

Sigh. That meant hauling the hose around.

Hauling the hose around is not something I can do with the youngest two canine kids (read Tuc and Pinot); they're both hose-neurotics. So off to the crates the whole crew went (have to be fair now) while I pretended to be responsible.

At least when the weather is such that I have to water, it's also such that the Lab crew gets loads of outdoor play. See? A silver lining in every cloud... even my lazy clouds.

Did someone say cloud?

So I finished watering, reeled in the hose, and returned to set the captives free. All five went bounding, en masse, from Crate Land to Outdoor Land, madly scrambling on the linoleum floor for first place through the door. Time to romp outside again.

There's that silver lining again. Hmmmm...what was it that silver linings formed around again?

Did someone say cloud?

Not 30 seconds after I let the dogs out, the heavens opened with straight, heavy rain (no wind, no sign of a storm -- just a little overcast this morning). Yes, rain. A veritable downpour.

And not two seconds after that, I had five dripping faces standing at the back door waiting to come in.

What was someone saying about silver linings?

And can someone please tell me why it always seems to rain whenever I decide to water, but not until after I water? (You can bet if I didn't water, it wouldn't rain).

So we're back indoors again this morning. Nope, the kids didn't get their usually morning romp (I wait a good two hours, sometimes three, after they eat before I let them exercise hard -- don't want any flipped stomachs).

Here's how they reacted to being indoors again:

Ridge just hung out (old man that he is):

But the other four.... oh my....

They tried Group Bone Therapy (Tuc has the bone):

They tried looking wistfully out the back door, then looking pleadingly at me (didn't work):

They tried rotating who got the couch:

They even resorted to butt sniffing (for heaven's sake... they already know each other!)

Ah.... but to no avail. They're still inside. Still playing with bones and checking each other out and lazying away on the sofa and pining for the yard.

I have to leave for a dentist appointment shortly, and when I do, our doggies will return to Crate Land. And by the time I get home, the sun will be out, and the canine crew will venture outdoors again.

While it's raining, they can sleep, and I can go relax in the dentist's chair, floating away on nitrous.

Did someone say cloud?

Maybe there really is a silver lining after all!

'Til next time,

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