Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Eternal Optimists

One of the reasons I absolutely adore Labrador retrievers is the optimism so characteristic of the breed. Life is good (always good) as far as they're concerned. The greet every day with eager hope and boundless enthusiasm.

Even when it rains.

Take this morning, for example. More rain. And more rain is predicted for later in the day. After years of drought, this is a good thing.

But I'm thinking, oh no, another cabin-fever day.

My Labs and I, however, live in entirely different worlds (that's a good thing, too). It never rains in Lab Land.

Just look at these faces (and be sure to note the tail-blurs) in photos from this morning. You'd never know it was a gray-sky day.

The Pinot Squirt:

The Kenya Bean (note tail-blur):

Master Tuc with his side-hanging tongue (you gotta laugh):

All three, Pinot Tuc and Kenya, l to r (again, note three tail-blurs... oh, and be sure to note that Kenya has a bone... isn't she special? ):

Then note who is already off the deck and half-way down the steps in anticipation of my throwing the kong (note tail-blur). Yup, it's my Tuc Buddy (Ridge and Elsie are in the background):

Such eager anticipation.

Such happy kids. Such optimistic kids. Such always-expect-the-best kids.

I think I'll try it their way for a while.

And you know what that means? No matter what the next 18 hours may hold, it's going to be a very good, tail-wagging, butt-wiggling, toothy-grinned, delightfully wonderful day. :D

I guess we (me and the Labs) don't live in different worlds after all. :D

'Til next time,


Chester said...

GREAT plan!!

Why wouldn't your labs have great expectations? They live with some mighty fine humans!

Chester ;0=)

Jen; wife to Barry and mother to Antonio and Gabriella said...

Aahhh!!! I love a labs world view!!!

Mary said...

I see it now, Louis Armstrong singing in the background "It's a wonderful world" and watching you throw the kong with all your labs running for it while the rain gently falls upon your land.......Total bliss! : ) One day it rained so hard here the street in front of our house flooded about three feet, it was okay, so I donned my rain coat and boots and off Hope and I went to splash, run and play in the rain and flooding waters. We had the best time ever! : )