Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our New Design and Last Litter Update!

How do you like the new look?  Yup... *gasp* ...LabTails has changed!

Though I didn't want to confuse our Regular Readers (especially those of you who've been following along for quite a while), it seemed like, after five years of the same old look, it was time for a change.

Especially since changes are in the wind. :)

Indeed, we are in transition.

As of this morning, all pups from Kenya's March litter are now with their forever families, except Chessie, of course, who's our forever girl.
  • Just a few hours ago, Miss Orange (who is now called Bonnie, or Sweet Bonnie Belle) left with her new human parents and eight-year-old human brother (hehe... new litter-mate!) for her new home in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania.
  • Miss Yellow (who we called "Pip" but whose new official name is "Kona") left last evening with her new human parents to live in the southeastern part of the state (PA).
Both families were incredibly excited to pick up their new wiggly bundles of joy, and both pups were delighted (waggling tails and puppy kisses and all) with their new humans.

That made it far easier for me to let go. After 11 weeks, as you can imagine, we've grown quite attached. Knowing and being confident in their placements, however, makes it okay; we're certain the pups will be well-loved and well-cared-for; and we know they'll bring great joy, loyalty, and affection to their humans in return.

It's all good.

In fact, I really enjoyed some extended 1:1 time with the little Chessie squirt this afternoon--something I couldn't do when the litter was still here.

And in case you're wondering, yes, she is looking for her litter-mates. That's why I thought a dose of extra attention today would be good for her. She's also got the rest of our canine crew (Ridge, Elsie, Kenya, Pinot, and Tuc) to keep her company, but we want her bonding with us, too.

So here are a few pics from the last week. The pups went to vet Monday evening for their 10-week check-ups and immunizations, and all survived. They didn't even howl in the car this time (good puppies!).

Here they are...

on the way to the vet at 10.5 weeks old (l to r: Bonnie, Kona (formerly "Pip"), and Chessie):

at the vet's on the exam table with DTS (Aunt Jeanie) and DH (l to r: Kona, aka Pip; Chessie; Bonnie):

on the way home from the vet (l to r: Chessie, Kona, Bonnie):

romping in the yard:

sleeping on the deck with the nufties, assorted toys, and each other:

and (Bonnie and Chessie) looking and wondering, after Kona left last night:

 Now we're down to just Chessie:

All is well, from the reports we've received so far about the pups and their adjustments to their new homes. Crate training has gone fabulously (all three pups were routinely crating overnight for six hours and still dry and clean in the morning!), at least while they were here; we suspect Bonnie and Kona will continue to do well in their new homes.

Chessie is house-breaking well (no accidents yet) and doing basic commands consistently, too (especially "sit" and "wait" and "leave it" -- and she drops her butt to the floor for mealtimes - a voluntary "sit" without command). 

So all is well.  We survived this litter without complications; all the pups are thriving; and we're content, satisfied, and greatly relieved. :)

Don't any of your worry about Chessie, by the way.  She's got plenty of buds here (just all bigger than she is), and you'll see more about that in my next post.

So that's the big change here: we're down to just our gang now.

Oh... and I've reclaimed my kitchen!!!!  Yay!  It feels like a human abode again!

LOL...hehe...oh, the things we do for our kids, human and canine! :)

'Til next time,



Shary said...

The new design is very nice, Joan. Thanks for all the wonderful puppy postings over the past 12 weeks. They've been enjoyed very much.

Mary said...

I LOVE the new look! Change is always hard for everyone and dogs are no different but what a special place for Chessie to grow up. I'm looking forward to many more posts about her and her adjustment to the pack. : ) YEAH!!!!!!!!

Momma Teece said...

I love the green! So glad all is well, we have just Teddy left with us so whew!

JuliaR said...

That one photo of the three pups asleep on the deck makes me think what happened was:

Play, play, play, zonk!

S said...

Hi Joan! I'm enjoying catching up on all your recent posts. Kona is doing great here with us in the city. I have some pics and stories that I'll share in an email to you soon. But for now, regards from all 3 of us... (B, S & Kona!)