Monday, May 31, 2010

The Three Who Remain: Bonnie, Chessie, and Pip

So we're down to three pups in the house (plus our gang of five grown-ups, too, of course).  And the pups are now 9 weeks old (well, more like 9.5 weeks old).

The three girls get along famously; they really seem to enjoy each other, and we don't have the pecking-order-kill-play happening much anymore (phew).  They all take turns being rough-'n-tumble and cuddly and playful and sleepy -- all as it should be. All three, without exception, adore their humans (yay!). :)

In case you didn't read the update earlier here's who's who:
  • Chessie (short for Chestnut): the female chocolate pup staying with us, formerly Miss Pink
  • Bonnie: the black female pup who will be leaving us on June 12th to live with her forever family a couple of hours' drive north from here.
  • Pip:  the black female pup (formerly Miss Yellow) who is as yet unplaced (and still available) who we've taken to calling "Pip" instead of "Puppy."
This week we'll be starting real crate-training (and house breaking), but for now they're doing wonderfully about pottying outside when we wake them and take them right out. Hehe...this is going to be a wee bit tricky with three (yee haw!).

For now, here they are (in random shots around the yard taken this weekend):

Pip watching Pinot, Elsie, and Tuc from her spot in the pool (Chessie is to the right of Pip's pool):

Bonnie (with a wet head!):

Wistful Chessie watching the big dogs in the yard from the puppy pen:

An observant Pip:

Bonnie (the wet-head is not dead):

Bonnie (left, facing camera) and Pip (right, watching the big dogs):

Momma Kenya romping with her kids (from l to r: Chessie, Kenya, Pip, Bonnie):

The three girls running (Bonnie colliding with Chessie, Pip galloping):

Chessie getting ready to pounce on Pip:

 Bonnie, Pip, Chessie, and Kenya (Kenya is yawning):

Bonnie and Chessie watching the neighbor's dog:

Chessie watching the neighbor's dog a little more closely:

Momma Kenya with little Pip:

Momma Kenya and Bonnie:

Pip, Chessie, Bonnie, and Kenya once more:

There they are, the three who remain, all at just over nine weeks old. :)

They keep us smiling and giggling, and we love 'em more than ever!

'Til next time,


Charlene said...

I love seeing the pups with their mom. I really hope you keep Pip. She just seems to belong there.

scargosun said...

They are all soooo cute! I love the names too. :)

JackDaddy said...

Well, how can you help but be happy with all that happiness running around! :)