Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Seven Weeks Old: We Love the Water! :)

The fun thing about a spring litter is that the warmer weather allow the pups more opportunity to explore the water. Labs are designed for water (they actually have webbed toes), but they do need to be introduced gently and before they have time to develop fear.

I'm delighted to report that all the pups, without exception, are showing interest in, curiosity about, and comfort with playing in the cool (not cold) wet stuff.  :)

Okay, so they play in a kiddie pool. But with each passing day, we're adding a bit more water to the pool and giving it less time to warm up. We started with sun-warmed water just barely covering their paw pads; now they've progressed to right-out-of-the-hose water (a hose that's been sitting in the sun, so it starts out pretty warm then blends with cold) encroaching on their hocks.

I've even seen Miss Yellow (who absolutely loves the water) lie down in the pool and hang there that way. :) Mr. Red and Mr. Green have done so, too. That's progress.

Miss White is fearless; just plunges right in without a second thought. Plays in the water, jumps out, then plunges back in again. She, so far, seems to be a little water bug.

Mr. Blue, Mr. Green, Mr. Red, Miss Orange, and Miss Lime seem to enjoy a crowd in the water (the more, the merrier); and all of the pups love to fish toys floating out of the pool to play keep-away with each other on the deck. 

What a bunch of imps!

Miss Sky seems very comfortable in the water, but seems to prefer it when the rowdy bunch isn't wrassling there. She's just a gentle soul.

And Miss Pink, of everyone, is okay with the water (jumping in and out), but is still a bit tentative about staying in (that will pass). :)

So here they are, all 7 weeks old, having a great time romping in or investigating the water.

Miss Yellow:

Mr. Blue:

Miss Sky:

The Herd (left to right: White, Green; Pink; ah...hmmm... then Red then Blue or Blue then Red):

Miss Lime and Miss Sky:

Mr. Red:

Miss Sky (rear) and Miss Pink (head in pool):

Miss Sky:

Mr. Blue:

Miss Yellow:

Misses White, Pink, and Lime:

Miss Pink and Miss Lime:

And good times were had by all! :)

'Til next time,



Charlene said...

It's like watching kids at a water park. So cute !!

JuliaR said...

You are doing such a good job.

Colleen said...

OH! They are just so cute!!!

Can I ask your advice on a water/lab related topic? Last year I adopted a 5 year old yellow lab from a local rescue. Much to my surprise he seems terrified of the water. By the end of last summer, after slow and easy introductions to the pool he would finally stand on the top step, but no further. My biggest concern is that anytime one of his humans goes under water, he freaks out (and I mean FREAKS!). Do you have any suggestions as to how we can get him more comfortable in/around the pool? This is Phoenix after all and pool time is a must in the summer here. Thank you for any tips you can give!

JackDaddy said...

Puppies in the pool! Perfect!

Unless they P :)

Mel said...

I am enjoying your blog so much. We have our first litter of yellow labs due end of June. Your blog is so fun and informational.