Thursday, May 06, 2010

Comfortable Outdoors At Last

The first two times DH tried taking the pups outdoors, it just seemed to hot for them (they mostly panted and slept).

Yesterday it finally cooled off enough where the pups finally seemed at ease in the great outdoors (well, the outdoors they know... only as far as the deck -- grass comes this weekend!). :)

Here they are.. romping and playing and whining for attention (and digging a bowl of ice cubes).  They haven't quite figured out the hammock yet, but that will come.

Did you notice how well they're stepping up (on the little step riser in the pen) and how quickly they're running! They're doing quite well.

They did startle for a moment at the sound of a large truck downshifting on the highway on the edge of our property, but they also recovered very nicely. They're turning into secure, appropriately confident pups!

More to come!



JuliaR said...

Talk about a going concern - times nine!

Charlene said...

They're adorable. They'll have lots of fun this weekend when they explore grass..

Momma Teece said...

They sure are zipping around and having a great time!