Monday, May 31, 2010

Nine Weeks Old and Down to Three!

So sorry for the delay in updating.  Between our website problems and photo editing issues on the laptop I use for Labtails, it's been a frustrating week on the Internet front.

Ahhh... but we're up and running again (both at the website and on my Labtails laptop).  Yay!

Can you believe it?  The pups are nine weeks old already.  Wow!  Where did that time go?  Nevermind; don't answer that. :)

Here's the update on the puppies.


Masters Red and Blue, picked up just over a week ago, are settling in with their new families. That's as much as we know. We're assuming (and hoping) that no news is good news. :)  We were thrilled with their placements, though, so we're not worried.

Master Green, who went with his new family last Saturday, is being loved to pieces we're quite sure (lots of people to love him -- including older kids, and they waited a long time for this pup). It did my soul such good to see him in his new families' arms.  I still well-up when I think about it, but they're happy tears. :)  At the time of his pick-up, his new name was expected to be "Chester." We think it's a wonderful name.


Miss Sky, who also left us last weekend, is with her new family in NJ. We received a delightful phone call from her new "mom" letting us know how well she was doing and how delighted they are with her.  All seems to be going fabulously. LOL... DH took the phone call and got Miss Sky's new name, but he has since forgotten.  I'll try to find out and let you know!

Miss White (now called "Halle") seems to be very happy in her new home in PA (an hour north of us). Her new "aunt" e-mailed us to let us know how well things were going and how much they love her spunky little personality. Lol... it seems they have a whole team of family members tag-teaming to love, watch-over, train, and just be with the new pup. Halle also occasionally gets to romp with her "cousin" Sophie, a three-year-old chocolate Lab. :)  Like most of the others Halle has been with her new family for just over a week, and all is well. :)

Miss Lime just left us Friday, and she's gone all the way to the state of Indiana. Her new "dad" drove in to pick her up (long drive!) and seemed to love her the instant he saw her. :)   Her new "mom" had to see her first to settle on a new name (of course!), so we're waiting to hear about her new name. We're pretty certain we'll hear from them soon. They seem like wonderful folks, and we're sure Miss Lime will be loved and well cared for.

Miss Orange (now called "Bonnie") is still with us and scheduled to leave with her new family in just under two weeks. We know they're really excited to get her and will try to update here a little more about her so they can see her progress while they wait. :)  She's a sweet girl, and she, too, is doing just wonderfully!

Miss Pink (our new addition, the one making her forever home with us) is just fine.  I'll do a separate post about her shortly.

Miss Yellow still has yet to find her forever home, though as she grows and develops we're debating more and more about just keeping her.  She is gorgeous, and she's looking more and more like Kenya everyday (their pup pics are interchangeable).  She's also smart as a whip, very attentive, and eager to learn and please.  Hmmmm...she'd make a nice addition to the gang (yikes). We've taken to calling her "Pip" (because she is a little pip, and because we can't just keep calling her Miss Yellow or Puppy).  LOL... I can't believe I'm even considering it.  For now, however, she's still available and we'll keep trying to find the right placement.

That's the puppy update -- just the info.  Pictures will follow separately.

'Til next time,

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Mary said...

although Miss Yellow would have a wonderful home with you, I think Baxter needs a sister or perhaps Gracie!