Monday, May 24, 2010

The Four Who Remain

The last week was full of preparing the pups to leave for their forever homes, and then, of course, meeting the families and sending our precious puppies off into the world.

I'm absolutely thrilled with the new families and am delighted with how well-suited each pup seems to be for each placement. Once again, we couldn't have asked for better and are tickled over the pups' new forever homes.

But I have to admit, it's bittersweet. We love these little ones as if they would be ours forever. We know they can't be; and, like children, we raise them to leave us and fly. But it's still difficult; I could never let go if I didn't value and trust the people to whom the pups were going. I do, so I can. And I can joyfully -- with only a little heartache. It really is a wonderful thing all-in-all.

Here's a final picture of the whole gang together (from l to r:  Blue, Lime, White, Green, Sky, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow):

Here's DH saying goodbye to Mr. Green just before his family arrived:

Bittersweet, but all good. Just as it should be.

And now we're down to four.  Miss Pink (who stays with us); Miss Lime, who leaves later this week; Miss Orange who leaves in June; and Miss Yellow, who has yet to find her forever home.

All are lovely, sweet girls: confident, impish, affectionate, smart, active, and healthy.

And healthy is key. I'm still quite protective of the pups (after our experience 18 months ago), but am greatly relieved how well the litter has done so far. Relieved, but cautious.  And I will be.

So now we start training (they're 8.5 weeks old already). How time flies when you're having fun!

'til next time,


scargosun said...

Poor Miss Yellow. She's such a cutie. Hope she finds her forever home soon!

Sara & Fudge said...

Joan, your puppies are beautiful animals. Each one is amazing. I want so badly to adopt a pup from you, but now is just not the right time for me. I hope you continue to breed these lovely, healthy and well adjusted dogs. And on a side note, I'm so glad you are keeping one of the chocolate girls! (Can you tell which color is my favorite?!) Best of luck in finding forever homes for the last few kids.

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

CANNOT believe how fast they've grown and are ready to start their new lives! Hope Miss Yellow finds her furever home soon! If I didn't already have a full house...

JuliaR said...

Even though I get misty-eyed thinking about them leaving home, it is not a SAD thing. Not like the end of Lost! Even if they did include that gorgeous yellow Lab at the very end. With the front leg splay while lying down. Good dog!

Why are you keeping Miss Pink again?

Mel said...

Joan. I have so enjoyed your blog that I am inspired to start my own.. thank you so much for sharing your precious loves..

I am wondering if you have your specifications to the whelping box you use..we have pups coming in June and we really like your box.