Friday, May 07, 2010

First Time in the Grass (pics sorted by pup) -- Long Post

Today (Friday, May 7th) for the very first time, the six-week-old pups braved exploring the grass on their own.  Yup... alone (well... with their humans).  And all did fabulously.

Every pup seemed cautious, but curious. Some didn't seem to like the pricklies under their paws at first (you'll see some shots of pups picking up their feet quite high). A couple others took a minute or two to completely relax, while a few just jumped right in with no hesitation.

Pretty remarkable considering the neighbor was out cutting his lawn on his tractor -- a noise the pups have only heard once before.  Yet they all did fabulously.  They're becoming appropriately curious, cautious, and confident -- something we hope to foster in every pup we raise. Yay!

So here they are, a few photos of each pup (by color) so you can see how it went.

Mr. Red (a gentle giant, sweet boy, as yet not spoken for and still available):

Miss Pink (the sweet bear of a girl who's finding her forever home with us):

Miss Sky (who has a wonderful forever home waiting for her in NJ):

Miss Lime (a sweet, people-oriented girl who still needs a forever family):

Mister Blue (another gentle giant, sweet boy, still unspoken for):

 Mr. Green (who has a fabulous forever family waiting for him, and whose family has been looking forward to this puppy for 18 months):

 Miss Yellow (a spunky, sweet peanut of a girl, as yet unspoken for):

 Miss White (the pipsqueak of the litter, who had been placed but whose family experienced some sudden, unexpected changes necessitating their putting off taking a pup into their home at this time; she's still available):

Miss Orange (a fabulous all-around girl who will undoubtedly be much like her mom, Kenya; the family who'd reserved her also had some changes needing them to wait to adopt a puppy, too; so she still needs to find her forever home as well):

That's everybody, first time on the grass at six weeks old. Aren't they doing wonderfully?!

More to come!

'Til next time,


Charlene said...

They are all adorable, with such sweet faces. Thanks for the pictures

Mary said...

I want all of them! Except the ones who have already found forever homes......I just wish I could take them. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and there is nothing better than seeing a puppy with floppy ears running and those ears flying behind them.

Stellaluna and Pals said...

omDog those are some cute puppies! I want one but Mama says the two dog sissies, five kitties, Nanny and Grandma would have a coniption, whatever that is. So I'm making Mama text my Uncle who wants a doggie.
*wagging kissies*

PS Mama says you don't have to answer but is Mr Green's family Mr Blue's from before? As soon as she read they'd been waiting 18 months she wondered.
Mama is still super paranoid about the awful "P" (even though I've had my shots!) after the trouble you guys had. She had leaky eyes for several days after the dread P visited your house and had her paws crossed to Jesus many, many times for you guys. She taught me how to cross my paws and we've been paw-raying all along for this litter!

Joan said...

Stellaluna, you're quite smart and observant. You can tell your Mama that, yes, Mr. Green's family is the family who'd have taken Mr. Blue last time. We just know he's going to be loved to pieces.

And if you think your Mama is paranoid about the "P" word, you can bet we're downright neurotic.

Our Dear Dr. Wagner tells us not to worry, but we're holding our breath (and NObody comes onto our property now without stepping in bleach first, including us, and shoes come off at the door, and we're as crazy as ever about hand sanitizing).

We hit the 7-week mark and so far so good. Keep those paws crossed! And tell your Mama thanks for the prayers!

Butt rubbs and ear scratches to you!

Joan (who still gets teary-eyed about Mr. Blue from the last litter; but Mr. Green is helping) :)

Joan said...

Thanks, Mary and Charlene! There's just nothing quite like a happy, playing, healthy puppy! :)

Momma Teece said...

They are simply gorgeous - makes me want a chocolate girl even more! Joy to you and hugs to the babies!