Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Five-and-a-Half Weeks Old!

So sorry it's been a few days. I was away, but am back now for the duration.  And DH Don did wonderfully solo-caring for the pups while I was away.

So as of yesterday, the pups are all 5.5 weeks old. :)  And I could swear they changed from sweet, snuggly, playful puppies into sweet, snuggly, playful imps while I was away.  Oh my.

LOL...silly kidlets.

Don tried introducing them to a canine litter box while I was away (something we've done with success with other litters). Ha!  He reported to me while I was away that it was a complete disaster (he tried everything). He finally gave up.   DH's giving up says something about how much of a disaster it was (DH doesn't give up -- it's just not his style).

So, I had to see for myself, of course, and I tried introducing them again to the litter box.  Here is a picture of my result:

 They investigated the box, then promptly decided to lie down and snuggle in it, and tried to eat the litter pellets (safe for puppies, but I didn't let anybody ingest any.. not to worry).  I tried.  I really did.  I even put poo in the box, and when that didn't work, tried laying soiled bedding over the top of the litter.  They still didn't get it.  They thought it was a nifty new den to dig and sleep in.

I gave up too.  Guess it just won't work with this litter. LOL... every litter is different.  :)

Here are a few more pics of the little imps taken in the last day or two:

 The pups enjoyed one really big adventure this weekend while I was gone; they enjoyed the great outdoors!   That adventure calls for its very own entry! :)

'til then,

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