Thursday, May 06, 2010

First Time In Kiddie Pool!

I took this short clip before I fed the pups for lunch. Mistake.

They barely even noticed the pool. They were so focused on me, and noisily reminding be that it was lunchtime, that they barely noticed their wet feet!

Maybe that's not so bad! :)

It sure didn't seem to bother them at all!

And, yes, they are this noisy when it's feeding time! :)

'til next time,


Wendy said...

Even though I don't comment every time to a post know that I have seen and enjoyed it. My 2 granddaughters also are learning how their black lab must have looked before they brought him home at 3 months. They sure are cute and thanks for the videos as well as the pictures.

Dog Lover said...

The pictures and videos on this blog are simply ADORABLE! Just GORGEOUS! Thankyou so much for putting them on here. Quick question, mind you, as I find myself with a new labrador pup and a slight problem. What is the secret? How can you train your dog to accept any kinds of rules as though they are simply the natural way of life? After all, he is just an animal, with animal instincts, but I am beginning to tear my hair out a little. I’ve tried lots of advice from different blogs, but I still cannot get my dog to do anything! ANYTHING! that I want him to do..... help!