Thursday, August 04, 2011


I hate change.

No, correct that: I hate some change (not all change is bad).

Long-time Reader knows that, for the last three years, change has seemed to be our only constant here in LabTails Land. We've seen puppies whelped and puppies die; we've reared litters and released them; we've welcomed canine critters into our family and watched them grow, develop, mature, get sick, sustain injuries, recover well, and not recover at all. We've learned, grown, adapted, and then adapted some more.

And just when I think I've gotten a handle on things (whatever the "things" are), it shows up again: change.

People change; relationships change; jobs change; health statuses change; our bodies change; our finances change; technology changes; our vision changes; our priorities change; seasons change; society changes; the world changes.

We change.

It's not that change is bad; it's that it requires us to keep up. And keeping up (for me) lately seems more and more like I'm walking on a set-too-fast-for-me treadmill. I shorten my stride and quicken my pace, but I still end up gasping and wobbling and feeling like I'm about to fall off.

It wears me out and scares me.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it makes me want to give up all together.

But then the Tuc Bubby pulls a "butt-in-ski," or Chessie cocks her head with that how-can-you-resist-me-I'm-only-a-puppy expression, or Elsie leans her heart-warming heft into my side, or Kenya shows me her bone (isn't she special?), or Pinot drops a ball at my feet and gazes at me with expectant adoration.

And then I remember:
  • The love of our Labs doesn't change.
  • Their affection for and interest in us never wavers.
  • They covet our companionship, listen to our laments, appreciate our kindnesses, suffer our shortcomings, and forgive us our faults.
  • They accept us (and take us) as we are.
  • They weather our wanderings and welcome our returns.
  • They greet us happily as if we're all that matters in this world.
  • They comfort us and confound us and coopt our hearts.
  • They want us, ...
  • and they put up with us, too.
  • They remain forever and for always ours (or more accurately we remain...theirs).

Indeed, they remind me that some things (the greatest and most important things) never change: things like love and hope and faith. And those unchanging things steady me when life leaves me behind (I've been feeling left behind a lot lately).

I guess change doesn't have to be so bad after all  then, not when I know I have something unchanging to hang on to.  I do, you know.  We all do.  I just forget.

If only I'd remember.

And that's where Labs come in.

Where's my Tuc Bubby?  I could use a butt-in-ski reminder once again.

'til next time,


From Mary's Pen said...

A very wise friend once said "You see? Change is good."

Doesn't always seem like it to us, though does it? Especially when it's happening.

May all your changes be happy ones, my friend. And may you find comfort in the One who never changes.

Rejoicing in the day,

kayceebeebee said...

Funny you should mention change today since today was the first day at a brand new job for me and I came to the conclusion that I do not like change!

Our son is having the two of us over for supper tonight and I'll be able to see his big yellow lab Bull to get some hugs in and make me feel better. Yeah for dogs!

Anonymous said...

God bless you, Joan. I hope you find peace at the cottage with your pups.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that Anonymous was me, Becky.