Friday, August 05, 2011

Oh Boy! It's Cottage Time!!!

Note from the Canine Kids:

Oh boy!  Momma Joan says we get to go to the cottage today! And we get to stay for a few whole days!  Ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy!

That means we get to swim and jump off the dock and we get to swim and play in the lily pads and we get to swim and wade in the mucky mud and we get to swim and make big splashes and we get to swim and race each other to the floating retrieving dummies and we get to swim and paddle around in really deep water and we get to swim and walk on dirt roads (and get even more muddy) and we get to swim and soak our humans and we get to swim and...*breath*...oh, and did we mention we get to swim????

So we're going away for a few days:

(l-r: Kenya, Elsie, Puppy Tuc at a year old, and Pinot)

 But we'll be back by the end of next week:

(l tor: Pinot, Tuc, Elsie, Kenya)

Ooooo, we almost forgot: this will be Chessie's first time at the cottage (the youngin'). She loves to swim, too, but she's never tried swimming at The Lake. :)   Tuc learned how to swim at the The Lake, as did Elsie, Kenya, and Pinot (click the links under our names to see us when we were learning, like, ages ago). The Lake is our favoritest place in the whole wide world. 

Well, except for any other place our humans might be. 

Oh, and Momma Joan says she'll take lots of pictures. That's when she puts that big black boxy thingy in front of her face so we can't see her anymore. We don't like that, so we nudge it away to give her kisses. She likes kisses. But when we're swimming we really don't notice it much.

That's all. 


Elsie, Kenya, Pinot, Tuc, and the Squirt (aka Chessie). 


From Mary's Pen said...

There is no happier place for a lab than a lake... except perhaps their human's lap. :)

I remember Brandy at the lake... she'd swim until she sank if we let her... And she'd "retrieve" the kids if she thought they'd gone in too deep... anyplace past their knees! LOL

Have a wonderful time, Joan!

Rejoicing in the day,

Mary said...

I can't wait to hear their adventures! We took Hope to the lake just yesterday and I thought she was going to have a fit because we were taking to long to get the "gear" out and get to the water. Once there, she was in the water the whole time and would pull us in if we got out. Funny, Labs and water. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxed, swimmingly fun time!

Hugs from Hope and I!

Anonymous said...

I like the open air too. Sweet pups