Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'd Rather Play

Baxter: "Come on, Mom, Can't we go out and play? See, see...I even got this bright yellow-green thingy we can find in the snow. Come on, Mom, please? Pretty please?"

Me: "No, Bud, sorry. I still have this book manuscript to get out. No playtime for me. At least not yet."

Baxter: "But, Elsie wants to play, too. Can't you toss the ring with us for just a little while."

Me (reluctantly): "I really can't, Boos. I need to work."

A few hours later...

Baxter: "Huh? What? You mean you still haven't finished that book yet?"

Me: "Nope" (big sigh, pat Boos on the head). "This one's painfully slow. I just can't seem to wrap my head around it."

Baxter: "Well (yawn, stretch), wake me up where you're done. In the meantime, I think I'll nap here a while."

Me (mumbling): "I wish I could join you, Bud. You don't know how much I wish I could."

Now it's back to work for me (and snoozing for the kids). Oh, to have the life of a dog!

'Til next time (big sigh),
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LostinScotland said...

Ooooh...let me, let me take them out...if only I were back in PA...its cold, blustery in Scotland today...yesterday, the closest we got to snow was a hail storm; the size of small peas. (sigh)...Joan...I'm stuck in a rut too...trying to finsih a thesis and several articles...just not in the mood!...

Joan said...

Oh...if only you could.

So sorry you haven't had snow. That would be the one thing I think I'd miss on the other side of the pond where you're living just now (the dramatic change of seasons we experience here in the Northeast).

You can enjoy our snow vicariously if you like (I suppose that's about as effective as if you played with my canine kids vicariously so I could finish this manuscript!). LOL

Oh well. I'm going to finish this manuscript if it kills me (well, not quite).

Here's a deal: you work on at least one article and a little on your thesis today, and I'll finish up my last chapter. What do you think?!


LostinScotland said...

Deal..I'll finish the last of the housekeeping on the article and try to finish a the final stuff for one chapter that I have mapped out. Wish you had a web cam!

You do get season changes but it like happens in a day. The season changes are more down in the Borders or in Perthshire region. The fantastic time of year is spring which is really in May and fall which is September when the heather is in bloom and the red dear are everywhere!

That has been the hardest part of my time here, missing the Pennsylvania autumns. That smell, those colors. Oh well. To work!

The eldest son said...

Awww, Baxter is soo cute in that pose. I wish I were back home some days.

Joan said...

Hey Buddo,

I'm sure you do. And the other "kids" (the four-legged ones) wish you were here, too. Especially the Boos.

It's not long now 'til spring break. :o)

Love you whole bunches,